10th Magnitude draws from the full complement of cloud technologies to create innovative solutions to your business problems. Using a holistic approach, we create custom cloud solutions using one or more service components—all powered by the Microsoft Cloud—that maximize operational and financial benefits for your organization.


Azure Migration

We work with corporate IT teams to plan, architect and deploy the mix of cloud solutions that positions your company to its greatest advantage. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, we implement hybrid and full Azure solutions to simplify your company’s technology operations.

Migrating workloads to Azure creates value opportunity:

  • Generate extensive savings for reinvestment or application modernization
  • Realign IT staff resources with line-of-business goals
  • Scale usage and storage on-demand and in real time with requirements
  • Gain speed and agility to respond rapidly to new business needs


Cloud-Scale Application Development

New, modernized or replacement applications are key elements of a well-designed IT plan. Custom, scalable, secure software applications that can be enhanced quickly help your business compete better by addressing evolving markets swiftly and cost effectively.

10th Magnitude combines Continuous Delivery techniques with the robust pre-packaged services available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud development platform to lower development risk, reduce time to market and virtually eliminate IT capital cost. With this modern development model, innovation is significantly less costly than maintaining the current course.

Custom cloud applications offer limitless possibilities; some of the business problems we’ve solved with applications include:

  • Accelerating sales processes
  • Automating business operations
  • Transacting business securely online 
  • Converting data into revenue streams
  • Delivering video content to customers
  • Connecting to supply chains via mobile devices


DevOps and Azure Automation

DevOps, a philosophy of collaboration between your development team and your operations organization facilitated by continuous, automated technology, is a key component of cloud-era business innovation.  A Chef Certified Partner, 10th Magnitude implements Chef on Azure to enable automation for developing, delivering and implementing software and supporting infrastructure.

Adopting DevOps practices and automating infrastructure drastically improves your ability to innovate rapidly and deliver new features, applications, and capabilities:

  • Reduce cycle times to make software changes smaller, faster and safer

  • Maximize your team’s capabilities by better leveraging their skills

  • Create a framework for meaningful, measurable indicators

  • Foster cultural changes that improve work environment, agility and efficiency


Azure Analytics and Internet of Things

Using Azure, Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) are geared towards leveraging your data, infrastructure and devices to transform operations, increase revenue and lower costs. Applications developed in the cloud with pre-packaged services allow for newly cost-effective data insights that leverage and scale your business intelligence (BI) investments.

A critical element of many analytics programs, IoT collects data from devices across your organization or supply chain to guide business decisions with far-reaching positive impacts:

  • Streamline operations with connected devices providing failure warnings, location information, or impending maintenance needs.
  • Enhance customer experience by reducing outages, providing service at optimal times and improving appointment scheduling.
  • Increase revenue by differentiating your product with better service and offering vendors along your supply chain vital usage pattern information.


Managed Cloud Services

Outsourcing the management of your applications and infrastructure lets you focus on your business, not your IT. Expert, professional 24/7 monitoring and support keeps systems running smoothly, and the on-demand capacity of the cloud allows seamless scaling and expense management. 

Features include:

  • High Availability

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • Auto-Scaling

  • Storage

  • Backup

  • Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform | Chef Certified Partner