10th Magnitude is Now a GitHub Verified Partner!

GitHub + 10th Magnitude

As the 2019 Microsoft Global DevOps Partner of the Year, we’re always looking for new and faster ways to help organizations rapidly transform and innovate. After Microsoft acquired GitHub, 10th Magnitude was the first consulting partner to offer a GitHub solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and now we’re very excited to announce that we are officially a GitHub Verified Partner.

Both flavors of GitHub, GitHub.com and the self-hosted GitHub Enterprise Server, are powerful platforms for developers, offering a feature-rich code repository and a developer-first ethos that enables collaboration around source code and innersourcing while offering enhanced security and compliance capabilities.

GitHub is, without a doubt, the most popular open-source destination for developers and software innovators, and we’re excited to add GitHub capabilities to our award-winning Azure expertise.

Rapid Innovation with Security in Mind

GitHub has long been a space for developers to store, share and collaborate on open source projects. Open source has fundamentally changed the way software is built, providing IT organizations with a faster path to software innovation through collective intelligence.

Open source components power programing languages, frameworks, and applications that people around the world use every day. In fact, Gartner has reported that over 90% of IT organizations use open source software in critical workloads, and a Forrester analysis demonstrated that up to 90% of new codebases are comprised of open source code.1,2

With so many enterprises relying on open source repositories, security and integrity are critical considerations, and GitHub takes security seriously. They’ve built powerful tools that can enhance your processes to help maintain a safe and healthy open source environment and prevent vulnerabilities, keeping a watchful eye over code and analyzing dependencies with proactive scanning and integrating and automating security expertise into the software supply chain.

An Empowering Partnership

Partnering with GitHub allows 10th Magnitude to augment our existing development framework, DevOps, and automation capabilities through best-in-breed tooling with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. This expands our ability to meet our customers where they are and further empowers us to bring them to where they want to be.

GitHub capabilities paired with 10th Magnitude’s Azure DevOps expertise is a powerful combination to help companies get to the cloud faster and drive innovation forward. Check out our GitHub Adoption Quickstart on the Azure Marketplace, and get in touch today to transform your business with the power of Microsoft Azure and GitHub.

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