10th Magnitude Hosts Azure DevOps Workshop

At 10th Magnitude, we are always eager to educate and support IT teams as they seek to improve their companies’ technical agility and innovation with Microsoft’s Azure DevOps services. Our workshops are just one way we promote the DevOps culture we strive to achieve every day, helping developers build and maintain a modern infrastructure for their company and customers.

Learning at the Azure DevOps Workshop

On December 7, more than 35 IT professionals enjoyed such a workshop hosted by 10M. This Azure DevOps Workshop featured our very own Cloud Solution Architect Colin Dembovsky, as well as guest speakers from HashiCorp and GitHub, and proved a great success with those in attendance.

After an overview of how DevOps practices help teams innovate and move quickly without compromising quality, Colin provided an in-depth interactive demo of Azure DevOps to walk systems admins and architects alike through its many features and benefits to their day-to-day work. He highlighted portfolio agile work item management, build and release pipelines, source control management, package management, test management and production monitoring with Application Insights. Attendees then learned how Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services such as Azure Web Apps abstract infrastructure and allow organizations to run smoothly and effectively, empowering transformation and digital disruption. 10M is proud to bring these proven Microsoft tools to our clients.

Attendees expressed their delight and gratitude for all of the knowledgeable speakers who discussed industry-pertinent topics thoroughly and confidently, graciously sharing such feedback as “All subjects covered I found to be useful” and “Good content, very well-delivered.”

Azure DevOps Workshop

Surprises at the Workshop

At 10M we strive for agility, so it didn’t phase our quick-thinking coordinators when concern was expressed that our event was too large to be safely accommodated in the previously reserved room. It’s a testament to the popularity of Azure DevOps and our workshops that we had such a crowd that day. Fortunately, all attendees were able to stay and participate after a second room was procured and a Skype video conference set up at the last minute. There’s never a dull moment with 10M!

In addition to offering a lot of valuable information, the workshop also proved to be a great networking event for those who attended, allowing professionals from multiple organizations to be introduced to or reconnect with each other.

Many of these IT cohorts found common ground in the shared experience implementing digital transformations for their respective employers and their excellent experiences with 10M’s consulting services. Some were pleased to discover they were already familiar with Colin’s work and were pleased to meet the man behind the extensions they’ve used in the past.

Watch for Future Workshops

Thanks to the positive feedback and specific requests of attendees, 10M is looking forward to organizing similar events in the future to reach more IT developers and continues to invite them to join us “in the cloud” to see how Azure DevOps can help them succeed in their digital transformations.

If you would like to learn more about Azure DevOps and how 10th Magnitude can help you use it to digitally transform your company and compete better in the modern market, contact us to set up a workshop for your IT development team or discuss our other services.

And be sure to ask about our Azure DevOps Quickstart (ADQ) program. This 2-week interactive engagement gives your team a customized approach to adopting Azure DevOps for all of your technical innovation needs with personal help from our experts.

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