10th Magnitude Included on Inc. Magazine’s 2019 Best Workplaces List

10th Magnitude Included on Inc. Magazine's 2019 Best Workplaces List - 10th Magnitude {X}

We think that 10th Magnitude is a pretty great place to work. Collaborative. Empowering. Energizing. Three words that describe what it’s like to be a member of our team. Working here has its own one-of-a-kind feel that is nurtured by our values of innovation, comradery, the celebration of success, and our company culture. That culture is being recognized again!

10th Magnitude has earned a place on Inc. Magazine’s 2019 Best Workplaces list, an annual feature written to guide and inspire owners and CEOs of growing companies.

Inc. wanted to hear from employees around the country who believed that their employer deserved the distinction of being called “the best,” for inclusion in the magazine’s fourth annual Best Workplaces issue.

All employees at nominated companies had to take a survey that covered topics including trust in senior leadership, career development, change management, and benefits and perks. Inc. again partnered with Quantum Workplace, a leading software platform for employee engagement and performance, which gathered, analyzed, and audited the data.

“We’re honored to be included on this list,” said Alex Brown, CEO of 10th Magnitude. “Being ranked among companies across the entire country is a tremendous compliment to the entire team at 10th Magnitude. We are proud that we’ve been included on this list every year since its inception. We celebrate this achievement together as we celebrate each success of every individual and every partnership here because those accomplishments continue to propel 10th Magnitude to greater heights within our industry. Our ability to innovate, advance, and serve our clients would be impossible without each person here. We’ve always known that 10M’s culture was special and that our team is the reason for our success, and we’re privileged to be highlighted as a model for other companies.”

Mike Denton, Vice President of Talent, concurs. “At 10th Magnitude, we recognize that we are successful because each member of our team is encouraged to continue to grow professionally and personally. We empower our employees to share their ideas, to take risks, to disrupt old ways of thinking and doing and to lead us in unexpected and unexplored directions. This benefits individuals, 10M, and our clients. Our work is challenging and requires the exceptional talents and contributions of everyone here. We all have a stake in how 10th Magnitude continues to thrive and evolve. No one person could do this all alone, and if we are the best, it is because our team is the best.”

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