10th Magnitude Recognized as Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner for Third Consecutive Year

2019 Winner Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards | 10th Magnitude {X}

Time after time, 10th Magnitude has proven we are a leader in digital innovation. And now, we’ve done it yet again! Microsoft has just announced that 10th Magnitude has received not one, but two incredible honors this year.

Thanks to our outstanding Microsoft-based solutions and services, 10th Magnitude is pleased to be named winner of both the 2019 Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year and the 2019 Microsoft DevOps Partner of the Year.

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award | 10th Magnitude {X}

With these awards, we continue to be recognized among top industry leaders for cloud-based technologies. In fact, this year marks the third consecutive year Microsoft has rewarded 10th Magnitude’s hard work with a global Partner of the Year award, putting us in a very elite group of partners to win multiple years in a row. The fact that we continue to receive such distinctions year after year is a testament to our drive for excellence and our commitment to delivering outstanding value to our customers.

Global Leaders

At 10th Magnitude, we find ourselves numbered among some of the world’s best companies for cutting-edge digital solutions. More than 2,900 entrants from 115 countries around the world were considered for Microsoft’s Partner of the Year awards this year. From those who entered, finalists were chosen based on their achievements in using Microsoft technologies to develop and implement customer solutions in the past year.

“These companies are successfully leading their industries, building intelligent solutions, addressing complex business challenges and making more possible for customers around the world. I’m honored to congratulate each winner and finalist, ” said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp.

With such steep competition, it is a huge honor for 10th Magnitude to receive such recognition twice over for providing outstanding solutions and services in both Datacenter Migration and DevOps for our customers.


"This year marks the third consecutive year Microsoft has rewarded 10th Magnitude’s hard work with a Partner of the Year award."


Value for Our Customers

Of course, everything we do is done with our customers in mind. Since our conception, 10th Magnitude has worked with Microsoft to modernize digital infrastructure for our clients and give them the competitive edge we ourselves enjoy.

With our expertise in Microsoft Azure and other cloud-based tools, we’ve helped our customers meet their business goals by adopting cloud-optimized systems that allow them to operate with more agility and efficiency in an ever-changing digital world.

As award-winning innovators, 10th Magnitude is pleased to bring such value to our clients as they seek the best possible solutions for their businesses.

Alex Brown, founder and CEO of 10th Magnitude, shared some thoughts about winning the awards. “The entire team at 10th Magnitude spends all day, every day, focused on helping our clients be leaders, improve their agility, and innovate. It’s all made possible by Microsoft Azure. From the 10M team, thank you Microsoft – for trusting us to serve your clients, for holding us to high standards, and for staying in lockstep with us day in and day out. Receiving these two Global Partner of the Year awards is a great honor!”

Lori Borg, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer of 10th Magnitude added this: “We’ve been in the trenches alongside our clients since the month Microsoft announced Azure to the world. Year after year, Microsoft continues to up their game by bringing industry-leading capabilities to the marketplace. It’s a privilege to be a key Microsoft partner as we help clients evolve and grow, lead and disrupt, and ultimately accelerate their business transformation. This honor is Magnitastic!”


"Since our conception, 10th Magnitude has worked with Microsoft to modernize digital infrastructure for our clients and give them the competitive edge we ourselves enjoy."


Why these two awards are so significant to us

Global Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year Winner
It’s no secret that 10th Magnitude opened our doors the month Microsoft announced Azure to the world. We just might be Azure’s biggest fans. We’re fans because we’ve seen the rapid change and innovation that Azure enables.

We have continued to innovate through the development of intellectual property with 10th Magnitude’s 10vū™ toolset. This combination of intellectual property and best practices enables customers to turn data into decisions that result in action. With the help of 10vū™ we have allowed hundreds of customers to rationalize their current data center investments, understand the financial implications of cloud migration, and rapidly launch their move to Azure.

We have built upon the success of 10vū™ and have created the 10th Magnitude Cloud Migration Center, which enables customers to rapidly migrate existing assets to Azure with the comfort of world-class Azure managed services delivered through 10th Magnitude’s managed services organization.

We get to see the significant benefits an Azure Migration brings to our clients each and every day– agility, flexibility, incredible ROI and more. We are honored to be recognized as Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year in this very important category.

Global DevOps Partner of the Year Winner
DevOps is a foundational part of everything we do. The 10th Magnitude Modern Enterprise Framework is powered by DevOps practices, Modern Managed Services, and 10vū™.

In 2018, 10th Magnitude was recognized by Microsoft as the Open Source on Azure global award winner. In 2019, we built upon our Open Source expertise and began to interweave tools from leading vendors such as Chef, Hashi Corp, GitHub, Docker, and more with Azure DevOps.

This is a truly unique capability in the market and one that Microsoft has recognized as critical to customer success and Azure momentum via the 2019 DevOps recognition. We find that when we can bring such broad open source and proprietary expertise to customers, we allow a more diverse set of developers, architects, and technology leaders to participate in the cloud journey which is accelerating adoption and expanding value.

To have Microsoft honor our team with such an award is fantastic! This award category represents something that is paramount to any successful Datacenter Transformation. With our end-to-end DevOps Practices, 10th Magnitude ensures continuous delivery, quality, and blue-chip service each and every time.

A Big Thank You

No accomplishment is achieved alone. We at 10th Magnitude extend a gracious thank you to all involved in our achievements over the past year. We are grateful for opportunities to work with Microsoft’s amazing technologies, to our partners for the invaluable resources they are, and certainly to our loyal customers who inspire us every day to go a step further in becoming even better.

Jason Rook, VP Market Development added: “Winning Microsoft global awards for three consecutive years and two awards in 2019 required that we were executing across three critical motions. First, we have been tightly aligned with our customers and true partners in their efforts to innovate through investment and adoption of Microsoft Azure. We’ve helped customers to analyze, decide, build, optimize, and operate across all facets of our Agility Quadrant. Secondly, we have worked aggressively to integrate third-party products into customer solutions from a diverse group of industry leaders such as Chef, Cloud Health, Data Bricks, Docker, Hashi Corp, Palo Alto Networks, RedHat, Turbonomic and more. We’ve begun to master the art of Azure Native plus best of breed and are excited about the momentum behind ISVs, the Azure Marketplace, and Cloud Solution Provider delivery models. Finally, we are lockstep with Microsoft, executing across a significant number of channel and marketing programs. Our reps are working hand in hand with Microsoft account teams with relentless focus on delivering innovative value to our joint customers.”

The 10th Magnitude team could not be prouder to be recognized for the services we provide clients every day as we all work together to meet our common digital transformation goals.

Read the Press Release: 10th Magnitude recognized as Winner for 2019 Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year Award and Winner for 2019 Microsoft DevOps Partner of the Year Award

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