10th Magnitude Services Available Now On Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

10th Magnitude Services Available Now on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace

At 10th Magnitude, we’re always striving to do things better. We are continuously improving upon our services, our customers experience, and our partnerships. Today, we’re very excited to bring more value to our customers through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. We have officially achieved a place in an elite group of consulting and managed service providers with solutions available to customers directly through the Azure Marketplace.

So, what does this mean for our customers? And for us?

Accessibility To 10th Magnitude’s Award-Winning Azure Solutions

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store that provides Azure applications and services on a trusted, easy-to-use Azure cloud platform. It is the go-to source for businesses looking to complement their digital infrastructure with Azure tools and capabilities.

With 10th Magnitude now joining the ranks of sellers on the Marketplace, customers all over the world can easily explore the kind of Azure-compatible applications and services we specialize in.

Businesses who want to optimize their operations with our award-winning Azure solutions will be able to quickly find and implement the tools and services 10th Magnitude sells on the Marketplace. This partnership is about accessibility and convenience for our clients.

It’s also about variety. Businesses looking for new ways to scale their operations, serve their customers, and stay ahead of the competition with versatile solutions need options that fit their unique needs. Now they can see innovative solutions from 10th Magnitude and how they compare to our competitors.

“We are delighted that our global customers can now leverage the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to access 10th Magnitude’s solution and service offerings,” said Alex Brown, founder and CEO of 10th Magnitude. “Thanks to our focus on speed and customer service, our Azure Marketplace offerings are built to nurture and strengthen innovation during the Azure cloud journey. As a born-in-the-cloud Microsoft Azure-centric partner, we couldn’t be more excited to serve customers through the Azure Marketplace.”

A New Platform To Do What We Do Best

Our customers aren’t getting all of the perks though! For 10th Magnitude, the Marketplace has become a new channel to continue guiding our clients through the exciting but sometimes confusing changes in the digital world.

We have long excelled at supporting businesses through their digital transformations, and now we look forward to the ease of offering our tools and services on a platform designed to match businesses with partners who can help them compete in today’s fast-paced climate.

As an award-winning consulting and managed services provider, 10th Magnitude’s place on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace is another opportunity to showcase our offerings to the world. We are pleased to confirm that currently we have four of our valuable services available on the platform:

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is the kind of digital storefront where 10th Magnitude can continue to expand our goals of helping businesses scale their operations for the modern world and become trailblazers in their industries with agile cloud-based solutions. Here, we can continue building on our past successes of utilizing Azure-compatible tools to help businesses grow.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the select Consulting and Managed Services providers in the Azure Marketplace,” said Lori Borg, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at 10th Magnitude. “This digital storefront opens up a new channel for us, making it easier to serve customers around the globe with our award-winning Azure solutions and services.”

At 10th Magnitude, we already have the knowledge, products, and drive to deliver exceptional customer service and innovations to our customers. It’s no surprise we’ve been picked to provide our goods on such a high-profile platform. Here’s to new opportunities to bring the world the cloud-based digital solutions 10th Magnitude continues to be known for!

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