10th Magnitude’s Top 5 Azure Migration FAQs

Our team of experts has performed hundreds of cloud migrations over the course of nearly seven years. During this time, 10th Magnitude has helped organizations from all industry walks of life to replace their existing operating processes with ones that are easier, faster and less time-intensive. Ultimately, this has allowed our clients more opportunity to focus on their customers—which, at the end of the day, is every organization’s top priority.

We asked five of our cloud experts, “What’s the number one question you’re asked about Azure migrations?” Their responses were varied and covered everything from security and reliability, to best practices in formulating a plan for migrating your current IT infrastructure.

Why Microsoft Azure versus other cloud providers?

“Azure gives you the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice. It has data centers in twice as many regions as AWS, is closely integrated with other Microsoft tools and has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider.”



 How do we develop a plan for an Azure migration?

“10th Magnitude will get a baseline of the current application ecosystem and determine business priorities and technological dependencies. Utilizing our proprietary Azure Adoption Dashboard, we can help customers determine the low-hanging fruits that comply with Azure migration, as well as build a long-term plan for workloads. We can also determine if a current app is worth migrating—or building entirely from scratch in Azure.”


How reliable and secure will my infrastructure be in the cloud?

“Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime in Azure, which is a promise they don’t take lightly. In terms of security, if the Department of Defense (DoD) can put their data in Azure, so can your company. The Microsoft Trust Center and their Digital Crimes Unit is a great resource, too.”



Once we migrate, what are our options for management and development?

“Like any migration, it is a journey. Having made the journey many times before, we can draw upon best practices and past experiences to plan your path by working with key stakeholders, ensuring that we’re on course throughout and avoiding risks. We’re strong believers in DevOps principles, and we’ll work with you to leverage appropriate techniques and tools to optimize and automate your Azure operations.”


How long does the planning process take?

“Our job is to empower the customer to understand what makes sense, build out a collaborative low-medium-high priority to-do list and then execute a cloud strategy engagement, which is a deep-dive technical analysis that results in a workload-by-workload, step-by-step migration plan. Within two weeks, we can give you a rough magnitude, in addition to the price tag of Azure and migration costs.”

Check out our Manhattans Project video, Capitalizing on Cloud, to learn more about Azure migration and adoption best practices, as well as the various paths to the cloud.

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