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3 Steps to a Digital Transformation: Webcast Series

steps to digital transformation

We are so excited to see how many CIOs, VPs, and Leadership Team members wanted to hear from 10th Magnitude about Digital Innovation. Thank you to Microsoft and our Executive Panel Members for your support and contributions to make this past Digital Innovation Executive Roundtable series such a success.

We had a great time talking with customers across the US, and look forward to continuing to share our story. Our Digital Innovation roundtable events may be over, but we’re extending the conversation virtually. We’d love to have you join us for our upcoming webcast series on Digital Transformation.


Every digital transformation is unique. Every. Single. One. Since digital transformation reaches into the core of how a business operates, there’s no single guaranteed path to success, no recipe for a step-by-step project that can be implemented. But there are themes—and practical guidance exists. In our experience, there are three stepping stones that stand out as core enablers that most companies can use to improve their chances of success. Join us for this three-part webcast series as we explore the 3 keys to a Digital Transformation.


Part 1: Migrate – Move to the cloud

May 24th| 10:00 – 10:45am PT

Cloud integration is a pivotal part of modernizing your business. It is the first stepping stone to enable faster progress on all other digital transformation efforts. Join us for this 45 min session to explore how scalability, speed, and security will help you take the first step away from the status quo towards a modern business.


Part 2: Automate – Ensure repeatable, scalable, reliable infrastructure and applications

June 7th| 10:00 – 10:45am PT

If you don’t have 100% confidence in your automation, it can undermine your momentum. How can you innovate without the knowledge that your automated systems will be clicking along in the background, silently supporting you? Join us for this 45 min session and learn how automation can push your digital transformation to success.


Part 3: Innovate – Improve and expand your product at the speed of business

June 21st| 10:00 – 10:45am PT

It’s the innovation that sparks the industry disruption — finding new ways of doing work to dramatically reduce manual effort; uncovering better ways to serve customers; shattering historical speeds on how quickly work can be done. Join us for this 45 min session and discover how innovation plays a starring role in digital transformation.


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