Born in the cloud

100% Cloud DNA

In an industry that changes frequently, 10th Magnitude is a steady presence. Our strong relationship with Microsoft has been instrumental in our success, but there’s more to it than that. 10th Magnitude was born in the cloud, we are cloud experts, and our business focuses solely on making sure our clients get the most from their cloud initiatives.

How much is cloud in our DNA? 100%. In fact, we’ve never owned a server. So, we know firsthand how services and products are delivered in today’s cloud-oriented world. And, we translate that knowledge into efficient, seamless, transparent and cost-effective solutions that ensure successful digital transformation for every client.


10th Magnitude helps companies transform their IT delivery and management to enable innovation that profoundly shifts the path of their business.


10th Magnitude hires and develops dynamic, passionate technologists empowered to implement innovative cloud solutions to achieve customer success.

Behind the Name

We frequently get asked about our name. Where did it come from? What does it mean?

Our answer is part business and part geek. Think of a shakeup that tops the Richter Scale to the order of 10. That’s the magnitude of the effect cloud has on your business.

Now for the geeky part — we also chose “10” because of the 1 and 0 that make up binary code, the invention that changed everything.

New York City