About Us

Our favorite pastime is helping organizations to stay competitive, become industry disruptors, and reach new heights through cloud-enabled innovation.

Our strong relationship with Microsoft has been instrumental in our success in serving clients.

But there’s more to it than that.

We’ve been here since the beginning, opening our doors the month that Microsoft introduced Azure. We have never owned a server. We were truly born in the cloud. And we are truly obsessed with helping our clients transform through the power of the cloud. When you work with us, you get a track record of performance, award-winning real results, and exceptional service.

Why 10th Magnitude?

We don’t like to brag, but here’s what our clients say about us.


We’re greater than the sum of our parts…and our parts are pretty great! We’re experts. Doers. Teamers. Leaders. Rock stars. A-Team-ers. Innovators.. Each with a passion for helping clients modernize and transform. And in an industry that changes frequently, 10th Magnitude has been a rock-steady presence for our clients since the beginning.

Continuous Innovation
Continuous Innovation


Just because we have years of experience doesn’t mean we don’t love to deliver fresh thinking and new ideas for each client. Sometimes a little out-of-the-box magic is just the thing to help clients gain the momentum they need. This is all to deliver efficient, seamless, transparent and cost-effective solutions every client. Every time.


We believe a positive work environment affects people both professionally and personally. We love helping our clients and colleagues reach their goals. And it makes us happy to think our positive outcomes ripple out to families and communities.

Continuous Innovation

“We can bring new products to market more quickly now that we use Visual Studio Team Services. Our adoption has been key in bringing the pace of our software development up to the speed of business.”

—Cal Dornbush, Visual Studio Team Services Application Architect, Cargill


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