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10vū™ Application Modernization Assessment

Accelerate your cloud journey with a 10vū™ Application Modernization Assessment. Your customized assessment will provide a PaaS architecture implementation road-map, a high-level application modernization prescription, an application risk/readiness/ complexity evaluation, and an associated run and transformation cost estimate.

Step 1: Scoping Session
Determine priority applications to evaluate and identify the expected dependencies and business value. Review readiness for PaaS deployments of existing Azure landing zone(s).

Step 2: Data Collection
Data collection is performed with a tool most appropriate for your assessment.

Step 3: Design Sessions
Perform application inventory and identify target PaaS candidates. Explore with application stakeholder(s) the future state options/opportunities and ideal application requirements to most effectively serve the business.

Step 4: Recommendations
Demonstrate potential target Azure architecture(s) for future state and review the high-level application(s), recommended remediation plan, and architecture transformation.

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