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Azure Cloud Health Check Details

Do you have the bandwidth and team to self-manage and optimize your ever-growing Azure infrastructure? Are you receiving proactive, locally-managed guidance from your existing Managed Services Provider (MSP)? Are you looking to identify your opportunities and risks—and reinforce your current best practices?

The 10th Magnitude Azure Cloud Health Check is your first step to a secure and well managed cloud. Your Health Check report will provide you with a customized view into cost and security reporting, provide infrastructure optimization recommendations, and leverage our policy engine to audit your subscriptions for security.

Phase 1 – Onboarding
Discuss your environment and goals. Review your data sources and current monitoring practices. Get connected to your Azure subscriptions with read-access.
Phase 2 – Health Monitoring
Conduct a health watch and Azure consumption monitoring over 6-8 business days. Uncover trends, outlying behaviors, and overall performance.
Phase 3 – Health Check Review
Review reports, findings, and recommendations for optimizations and best practices. Our team will work with you on best next steps and help turn insights into action.

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