Azure Private Link is Now Available for Azure Kubernetes Service — Here’s What That Means for You

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Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a highly reliable environment for deployment and management of containerized applications. This popular service seamlessly integrates with world-class developer tools, including GitHub, Azure DevOps, and Visual Studio, and provides advanced management capabilities. It is a certified Kubernetes offering available via Microsoft Azure, and incorporates years of Microsoft security expertise.

In short, AKS was already a great service — but now it has even more to offer. Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure Private Link for AKS, which provides an additional layer of network security for AKS clusters.

Why is Azure Private Link for AKS Important?

This long-awaited feature eliminates the need for a public IP address to access the Kubernetes API server, which limits the potential for unauthorized access and ensures traffic is routed solely through secure network paths.

Azure Private Link for AKS will help businesses maintain a more secure environment and enable a new generation of Kubernetes-based applications for organizations that may have been hesitant to take advantage of the service in the past due to the need for public IP addresses.

More Security, More Privacy

Azure Private Link for AKS, also referred to as “private clusters,” essentially allows you to isolate your Kubernetes API server within your organization’s Azure virtual network, enabling secure, private communication with the AKS-hosted Kubernetes control plane.

“Private clusters ensure that customers can create and use managed Kubernetes that only exists inside their private network and never on the internet,” noted Brendan Burns, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Azure Compute. “This network isolation provides security assurances that are especially important for regulated industries like finance and health care.”

Other AKS Security Additions

In addition to Azure Private Link for AKS, Microsoft also announced managed identity support and Azure Advisor integration.

  • AKS Managed Identity Support allows secure interaction with Azure Monitor for Containers, Azure Policy, and other Azure services, eliminating the need to manage service principals separately and reducing the frequency of credential rotation.
  • Azure Advisor Integration brings industry best practices to your AKS environment with personalized optimization recommendations to boost the performance, availability, and security of your AKS clusters based on intelligence from thousands of customer engagements.

These updates are intended to further empower customers to maintain a highly secure AKS environment and make it easier for organizations to meet compliance requirements.

Azure Kubernetes Experts

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