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Securing Your Cloud: 10 Considerations for Cloud Security

In this blog, Ryan McDonald, Director, Managed Services at 10th Magnitude shares best practices for planning your organization's cloud security strategy. Digital transformation is revolutionizing how companies operate and compete. An important part of successful digital transformation is security. He outlines 10 Considerations for Securing Your Cloud.

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To Get to Cloud’s Silver Lining, Managed Services Go Early-21st-Century Modern

In this blog, Ryan McDonald, Director of Managed Services at 10th Magnitude contrasts traditional managed services with cloud managed services. He uses the analogy of 'mid-century modern' versus 'modern' in terms of managed services, highlighting many of the benefits of this new breed of managed services - born in the cloud.

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Cloud Is a Culture Thing: 5 Lessons Learned

Mark Thomas, VP, Enterprise Architecture at eviCore describes the journey his organization has taken in trying to transform eviCore to a cloud-based culture. In this blog, he shares the important lessons learned from the early days of their cloud migration journey. His advice can help other organizations on similar journeys better prepare for the cultural challenges that lie ahead.

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10th Magnitude’s Top 5 Azure Migration FAQs

Our team of experts has performed hundreds of cloud migrations over the course of nearly seven years. In this blog, we asked five of our cloud experts, “What’s the number one question you’re asked about Azure migrations?” Their responses were varied and covered everything from security and reliability, to best practices in formulating a plan for migrating your current IT infrastructure.

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Embracing the Agile Methodology in a Multi-Region Team

Ryan Kelly, Senior Consultant at 10th Magnitude shares advice and best practices for how to embrace the agile methodology across a multi-region team. This blog It defines the agile methodology and how it works. It tackles how to get buy-in and adoption from distributed teams with different agendas, cultural differences and mindsets.

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