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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Functions Within Azure’s IoT Hub

In this blog, Brian Blanchard, VP of Cloud Solutions at 10th Magnitude, explains Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub which has the ability to send data back to a smart connected device, allowing for more local control and reaction time in any environment. He will walk you through how to create your own Azure Functions that integrate with IoT Hub, allowing you to reap the benefits of a closed-loop IoT model.

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Don’t Be an Ostrich: Cloud Makes Software Your Competitive Advantage

In this blog, 10th Magnitude's CEO Alex Brown discusses the age of cloud adoption. Companies of all sizes are migrating to be faster, more agile, more cost efficient, more impactful and more dynamic. He defines four categories of companies - the Classic, the Found, the Enabled and the Ostrich - and how software has provided them with a competitive advantage (or not).

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