Cubs, Cloud and Culture: 2017 Predictions for Business (and Baseball)

By Alex Brown 2016 brought something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: The Cubs winning the World Series. As a lifelong Cubs fan, not much could possibly top that, even fascinating trends in cloud technology. But 2016 was also a breakout year for cloud and Microsoft Azure (although—personal bias here—not quite at the … Continued

You Made It to Azure—Now Let’s Get Fanatical

By Jason Rook Azure is sure growing up fast. Just a few years ago we were anxiously awaiting the big Spring IaaS release. All of us Azure historians refer to those days as the “PaaS-Only Era.” Now we have customers using Data Lake to analyze petabytes of data and IoT Suite to connect millions of … Continued

Don’t Be an Ostrich:
Cloud Makes Software Your Competitive Advantage

By Alex Brown Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once said: “It’s a software-powered world.” I couldn’t agree more. But six years ago when 10th Magnitude was just starting, I would have agreed with Satya for completely different reasons than I do now. Since that time, software-powered companies have evolved the entire corporate revenue landscape. Only the … Continued

Embrace DevOps and Continuous Delivery to Kiss Versioning Goodbye

By Alex Brown Over the summer, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last version of the Windows OS. Not that it will be the end of the OS, but it will be the end of VERSIONS of the OS. Why? Because Microsoft gets that the future lies in continuous delivery—they are subscribing to … Continued

Cloud and the Hockey Stick

By Alex Brown So here’s a question: What do 10th Magnitude, Microsoft and the Chicago Blackhawks have in common? Well, if you think in hockey terms (which I do often—just ask my hockey-tortured family), then over the past five years all three of those organizations succeeded in a rather unusual way: they’ve all been skating … Continued

With Azure, the Internet of Things Takes Flight

By Alex Brown Working with Microsoft Azure is like walking on a moving sidewalk in an airport: you are walking at the same speed as other travellers, but you reach your gate twice as fast. Last week, at Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build, the company announced a host of Azure analytic capabilities that will underpin … Continued

10th Magnitude Presents: The Chef Prince of Azure

By Alex Brown As promised in my last blog post on the Chef and Azure partnership, below is a preview of “The Chef Prince of Azure” music video that will be kicking off our ChefConf talk. In our session we’ll dive into how we used Chef on the Microsoft stack to drive a successful DevOps … Continued

Chef and Azure: A Match Made in 10th Magnitude Cloud Heaven!

By Alex Brown I was super excited to see the announcement yesterday that Chef and Microsoft Azure have announced an official partnership. It’s like watching your two best friends get together; you just know that since you like each of them so much they must like each other. As I watched two of our favorite … Continued

Cloud Grows Up

By Alex Brown Last month, I went to Microsoft’s annual partner conference, and things are vastly different from last year. The transition from Ballmer at Microsoft’s helm to Satya Nadella has generated an infectious energy. But, selfishly, what’s most interesting to me is that new fervor is tilted most decidedly towards what I’m all about: … Continued

Retailers Win with Cloud Innovation

By Alex Brown Here at 10th Magnitude, the holidays are officially over: we’ve replaced all the holiday cookies with our usual healthy snacks (well, almost—we’re still suckers for donuts), and you can duck out for lunch without being mowed down by shoppers. But the craziness of the holiday season this year, with Hanukkah early and … Continued