Podcast Episode 9: 5 Learnings from the Azure Expert Managed Services Certification Audit

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In this episode, Casey Ryan, Director of Consulting Operations talks with Ryan McDonald, VP of Managed Services, and Jon Clemenson, Operations Manager, all from 10th Magnitude. In this discussion, they talk about Azure's Expert Managed Services Certification, which is a prestigious designation given by Microsoft. They also breakdown 5 things learned from the Audit to receive this certification.

Podcast Episode 8 – The Rapidly Emerging Practice Area in Artificial Intelligence: AI DevOps

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In this episode, Ira Bell 10M CTO speaks with Ryan Chynoweth, 10M Data Scientist and Colin Dembovsky, 10M Cloud Solution Architect, on the topic of AI DevOps which is a rapidly emerging practice area in Artificial Intelligence. Those who mature beyond technical agility and organizational agility to become digital disruptors are leading the charge in this type of digital transformation.