Chef and Azure: A Match Made in 10th Magnitude Cloud Heaven!

I was super excited to see the announcement yesterday that Chef and Microsoft Azure have announced an official partnership. It’s like watching your two best friends get together; you just know that since you like each of them so much they must like each other. As I watched two of our favorite cloud partners join forces, I started to calculate how long it will take rest of the world to “get” what we’ve been up to with our clients in theDevOps space for the past year. My guess? Not long!

Chef and Azure is a natural combination. As enterprises embrace DevOps, the combination of Microsoft’s industry leading cloud platform, Azure, and Chef’s DevOps and automation product is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It enables the hybrid state most organizations are eager to achieve.
  2. It further emphasizes Azure’s commitment to being open to both Linux and Windows workloads—just think about Chef’s deep open source roots!
  3. It gives Microsoft customers a great way to accelerate moving workloads into the cloud.
  4. Most importantly, it drives home the message that Azure is a phenomenal platform to drive agility and innovation throughout the business.

I also believe this signals an important inflection point in the growth and maturation of cloud technology.  When the old guard and the new guard get together, it’s due to customer demand.  In this case, enterprises are beginning to use cloud and DevOps like start-ups do—focusing on speed, agility, and market responsiveness. With this partnership, Microsoft just burnished its open source and DevOps cred with some start-up-like agility; and Chef got access and immediate authority with a whole new tranche of customers.

The 10th Magnitude team members are solid Chef fans—and we’ve been extolling the virtues of the Chef and Azure combination for a while. Last year, we did a webinar series “Chef + Azure = Awesome;” and in April two of our DevOps practitioners (one of whom shows up every day with a Chef hat on) are speaking at ChefConf, giving a talk about an incredibly successful Chef and Azure customer implementation. The talk is called “The Chef Prince of Azure: How 10th Magnitude used Chef to flip-turn ZS Associates into Microsoft Azure Royalty,” and we even made a rap video talking about using Chef on Azure (wait for it: the video will be on YouTube after ChefConf, and I’ll tweet it out). So, yeah, at 10th Magnitude we’re completely geeking out over this combo.

Bottom line, seeing all the success our clients have had with Chef and Azure over the past 18 months, we are excited by the prospect of so many more organizations taking advantage this already very successful partnership.

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