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COVID-19 Business Continuity & Risk Mitigation

Keep your business connected, responsive, and operating remotely while mitigating the business risks that COVID-19 has exposed.

A Note from Our CEO, Alex Brown
Operating in a COVID Business Environment

No scenario is quite like the one businesses are facing today. COVID-19 is forcing companies to change the way they work to keep business moving, and they need to act fast.

When we opened the doors of our Chicago office 10 years ago, the same month Microsoft launched Azure, we did so without a single physical server. We knew that our 100% Azure-based model would give us unmatched agility, but none of us could have imagined putting it to use in a situation like this.

Nonetheless, being cloud-native has allowed us to remain fully operational with minimal disruption while COVID-19 has swept the nation. We consider it our responsibility to be a stabilizing resource for organizations that need help responding quickly during this time of uncertainty and change.

We’ve been a trusted partner helping organizations make quick and secure transformations to the cloud for the last decade. Our team is equipped to accelerate your move to the cloud now, enable your teams to work remotely, and provide 100% USA-based managed services that eliminate off-shore risk.

10th Magnitude is here to serve you, and we’re in this together.

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Here’s How We Can Help

Get your business in the cloud faster and more securely with rapid solutions and USA-based managed services.

Enable Remote Work

Accelerate virtual desktop deployment with our Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart, providing your team with access to critical data and applications to stay productive from anywhere on any device.

Eliminate Off-Shore Risks

Our managed services team is 100% USA-based and provides 24/7 real time support, removing the risk of outsourcing overseas. We’re a Microsoft Gold Azure Expert MSP and we’re here to help you.

Rapid Cloud Migration

Accelerate Cloud Transformation

Rapidly migrate infrastructure, data, and applications to the cloud to enable real time access from anywhere, mitigate risks and gain the scalability, speed and security of Microsoft Azure.

Book a meeting with our Rapid Response Team to get help now.

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