Customer Story: Elekta – Pushing the Boundaries with Automation, Azure, and the Cloud

“With 10th Magnitude’s self-service platform, our teams are able to deliver Elekta’s products in real time –  ultimately enabling our team to showcase value faster and improve our customer’s overall experience.”

– Chuck Martin, Director of Global Cloud Solutions

Elekta builds equipment and software to improve, prolong, and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders.  As a leading innovator, Elekta challenged itself to evolve its technology footprint and modernize its capabilities. Elekta knew it needed a cloud strategy to drive change, compete, and keep up with high market demand.

Elekta’s team saw the value of cloud automation early on but needed the ability to deliver and demonstrate business value to customers faster.

As always, everything Elekta challenged itself with was derived from its customers. Undergoing a cloud-driven digital transformation enabled Elekta to take products meant for localized use and integrate them into a platform that customers could easily access from anywhere in the world. When Elekta realized this was possible with automated deployments into Azure, its vision quickly became a reality.

Elekta’s first step was making a strategic decision in choosing Azure as its Cloud platform of choice. The move towards a Cloud-centric solution was driven by the business need to reduce its overall physical data center footprint and shorten sales cycles while keeping up with customer demand and delivering faster time to revenue.

Elekta wanted to accelerate its Azure adoption process, and 10th Magnitude was the partner to help make that happen successfully. Elekta knew 10th Magnitude could give its team the guidance needed to adopt a secure virtual data center foundation, enable CI/CD automation, and accelerate deployment processes.

According to Chuck Martin, Director of Global Cloud Solutions at Elekta, “We wanted to minimize data transfer and keep everything in the cloud without transferring it every time something happens to a patient. [We wanted to] allow an ‘access repository’ and then make access to that data usable, with the global oversight necessary for this expansion. 10th Magnitude got us over this major hurdle. Automation plus Azure has been the secret.”

Elekta knew that the solution needed to be, at minimum, 80% automated; also, this automation needed to be tied to the development of processes. To enable scale, a CI/CD model was built for rapid deployments, so that any modifications that needed to be made could be easily addressed with a simple change in the automation code.

As Elekta searched for a solution, its team found that many cloud consultants could complete portions of the components required, but only 10th Magnitude could tick off every requirement and guide its team towards successful outcome

10th Magnitude delivered a cloud blueprint for Elekta’s cloud journey

Throughout the partnership with Elekta, 10th Magnitude performed a review and gap-analysis of its current tooling, processes, and goals. These targeted workshops helped align a vision and roadmap for Elekta’s cloud journey.

After an initial design and build out based on Elekta’s specifications, 10th Magnitude and Elekta partnered to build an MVP for demo and continuous improvement environments. The demo environment provided a “real world” solution that showcased Elekta products through the major components of a 10th Magnitude virtual data center.

Elekta also engaged 10th Magnitude’s Managed Services team to help build out a fully automated, self-service portal that could schedule and manage the virtual machines running its software for customer demos and training environments.

10th Magnitude’s Managed Services automation ensured that a process that used to take months could now be done in a matter of hours.

For Elekta, this translated to faster sales cycles, faster customer ramp up and training, and faster deployment of customer environments, which ultimately increased sales velocity and revenue recognition for the business.

And the results were transformative

  • The 10th Magnitude team was able to provide insight and experience in designing and implementing a best in class virtual data center that is secure, scalable, and able to keep pace with the demands of Elekta’s business.
  • 10th Magnitude’s Managed Services portal offered Elekta a self-service framework that sales teams use to create demo environments for customers, dynamically showcasing its products in real time.
  • By bringing hyperscale cloud technology directly to the customer, Elekta is able to sell more, sell faster, and demonstrate its innovative capabilities throughout the customer acquisition process.
  • The ROI of the built-out automation has been second to none, resulting in a solution that saved both time and money. Processes that once took Elekta months now take only a few hours.
  • By creating a compelling event through technology, Elekta can now focus on winning customer relationships through its people and its products.

Contact us to hear more about Elekta’s success story or to learn how 10th Magnitude can help your organization accelerate its Azure adoption process.  


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