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Accelerating DevSecOps in the Enterprise

Join Colin Dembovsky, 10th Magnitude Cloud Solution Architect and Microsoft Azure DevOps MVP as he explores how to transform and secure an entire software supply chain using the powerful trifecta of DevSecOps, Azure DevOps, and GitHub.

Session 1:

Intro to DevSecOps

In this intro to the series, Cloud Solution Architect Colin Dembovsky does an intro into DevSecOps and why GitHub is so important to this discussion. We’ll discuss Open Source, InnerSourcing and Securing the Software Supply Chain.

Session 2:

GitHub Source Control & Azure Boards

An overview of the technologies and demo we’ll be covering in the series, plus high-level work item tracking capabilities in Azure Boards, integration with GitHub repos, creating a branch in the repo, logging a Pull Request, and configuring branching policies.

Session 3:

Security Scanning with GitHub: DependaBot & Semmle

In this session, we look at Dependency vulnerability alerting in GitHub with Dependabot. We also take a quick look at Semmle and how to integrate Semmle into your checks.

Session 4:

Azure Pipelines

In this session we look at Azure pipelines for building, testing and deploying the code from the GitHub repo. We cover the build templates in detail and show how multi-stage YAML files can be used to model and end to end release workflow.

Session 5:

GitHub Actions, SonarQube and Testing in Production with Azure Web Apps

In this session, we cover GitHub Actions and how SonarQube integrates into the Pipeline for technical debt management and quality gates. We also perform blue/green testing using Azure Web App slots, monitoring metrics with Application Insight to validate the experiment.

Session 6:

Application Insights & Wrap-up

In this session we see how to integrate Application Insights into code. Finally, Colin wraps up with a recap of the entire series.

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