Six Keys to Microsoft Azure Migration Success

Whether they’re choosing a full public cloud implementation or taking a hybrid approach, organizations migrating to Azure expect the cloud to make their businesses better, stronger and faster. They want to become more agile, more customer-focused and more operationally efficient. The keys to achieving these benefits? A cloud migration strategy that sets them up for … Continued

The Internet of Things:
A 10th Magnitude Orange Paper

If you’re interested in Internet of Things (IoT) but are not sure where to start or how to structure your first project, 10th Magnitude has put together a new IoT “Orange Paper” to help set you up for success. The Orange Paper is our version of a white paper; it contains valuable information, but structured … Continued

Six Ways to Transform Your Business With Microsoft Azure

When 10th Magnitude started in 2010, we set out to help companies take advantage of cloud as a change agent. Over the past six years working with our customers, we’ve seen the power of cloud to transform their businesses—not just by cutting costs, but by making them faster, more agile and more innovative. Drawing on that … Continued