The Internet of Things: A 10th Magnitude Orange Paper

Internet of Things Orange PaperIf you’re interested in Internet of Things (IoT) but are not sure where to start or how to structure your first project, 10th Magnitude has put together a new IoT “Orange Paper” to help set you up for success. The Orange Paper is our version of a white paper; it contains valuable information, but structured for faster reading and quick reference.

The Orange Paper draws on 10th Magnitude’s IoT project experience to give you just the facts you need to start thinking about your own IoT initiative:

  • How to select the business target or goal for your first IoT project
  • The most common IoT project types by industry
  • Steps to follow for IoT project success
  • How to use Microsoft Azure to expedite IoT project launch and time to value

To request your copy of the Internet of Things Orange Paper, contact us at

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