Six Ways to Transform Your Business With Microsoft Azure

When 10th Magnitude started in 2010, we set out to help companies take advantage of cloud as a change agent. Over the past six years working with our customers, we’ve seen the power of cloud to transform their businesses—not just by cutting costs, but by making them faster, more agile and more innovative.

resources-img-12Drawing on that experience, we’ve created a resource to help other companies achieve the same benefits. Our new eBook, Six Ways to Transform Your Business with Microsoft Azure, outlines six proven paths to cloud transformation using the Azure cloud platform. Azure’s comprehensive IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities make it uniquely suited to deliver IT and business transformation.


Read the eBook to find out how you can use Azure to:

  • Extend your existing IT capabilities
  • Create innovative applications
  • Achieve DevOps success
  • Build or pivot your startup or ISV
  • Leverage your big data
  • Connect to the Internet of Things

Throughout the eBook, we provide case studies, checklists and resource links to help you identify the right path and move forward with your own cloud transformation.

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