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In this webinar, our Azure Application Modernization experts, along with Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate, Jessica Deen, will cover core competencies and best practices related to successful application modernization efforts. Our experts will discuss areas ranging from decomposing a monolithic application to the importance of DevOps principles and embracing the elasticity that cloud-native components offer, enabling customers to set and achieve attainable transformative goals for their applications.

Modernize Your Application by Decomposing Your Monolith

During this event, we will educate your team around:

  • How decomposition leads to increased agility and higher innovation
  • Techniques and approaches to safely decompose a monolithic legacy application
  • Evolutionary decomposition strategies that minimize business risk
  • Ways of thinking to help decide when to re-purpose versus when to rewrite features

After this event, you will have a more solid understanding of:

  • How OpenID Connect and distributed authorization simplifies decomposition of a monolith
  • How to vertically slice a monolith to modernize in a methodical manner
  • How to think about grouping features and capabilities using Domain-Driven Design
  • Data and event based approaches for coordination between decoupled services