Explore the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework At 10th Magnitude

Explore the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework At 10th Magnitude


Cloud adoption can feel like a complicated journey but it doesn’t have to be. The Cloud Adoption Framework is the One Microsoft approach to cloud adoption in Azure.

The Cloud Adoption Framework provides simplified, end-to-end cloud adoption guidance to help customers drive desired business outcomes during their adoption effort.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, 10th Magnitude continues to help customers throughout this process, and we are well equipped to provide our expertise and support along your cloud adoption journey.

To illustrate some of the ways in which 10th Magnitude provides assistance every step of the way, we have created an infographic. This infographic describes key decisions throughout the various stages of enabling cloud adoption and establishing operations for cloud technologies.

Microsoft caf-overview

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework has 5 basic steps:

1. Define Strategy

We can provide cloud adoption strategy development which is important for effectively using cloud-based approaches that will reduce costs, accelerate the time to market, improve technical agility, and enable expansion into new markets.

2. Plan

We will help you create a plan of action that translates the goals of the cloud adoption strategy and aligns with your business strategy.

3. Ready

At this stage, ensuring you are prepared to implement the cloud adoption plan is an essential step.

4. Adopt

During the cloud migration stage, we will help to assess, migrate, and optimize the workloads that need to be moved.

5. Govern / Manage

The cloud creates new models that change how technologies that support the business are governed and managed. Our expert services will enable you to redefine the way you do business in the cloud.

Take a look at our Cloud Adoption Framework page to see how we’ll provide assistance every step of the way.

Let’s begin your journey to cloud transformation together!

For more information on 10th Magnitude Solutions and Services and how we can support you through your cloud journey, contact us today.

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