Alex Brown, CEO



HIS FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME: Can’t decide between The Matrix, Lost in Translation and Monty Python and the Holy Grail

THE GEEKIEST THING HE OWNS: 5000 comic books in my basement

HIS NUMBER ONE BUCKET LIST ITEM: Complete culinary school at the CIA


Alex Brown, 10th Magnitude Founder and CEO, sees cloud as a tech industry tsunami, and he is harnessing its power to enable his clients’ businesses to thrive. “Cloud is the most profound change we’ve seen in IT since the Internet,” he says. “When we help a client adopt cloud technology—in one form or many—that company can then tackle so many new opportunities that it unleashes a torrent of business innovation. And that drives more innovation in the market as a whole. Cloud opens the floodgates.”

If it sounds like Alex views cloud technology’s effect on businesses like an economist, that’s not surprising. He has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin in economics and an MBA from Yale. So when he approaches clients’ technology solutions, he views their businesses and markets in a holistic way to help them add the most value with the least resources.

Alex’s holistic approach to business and technology stems from more than two decades in the tech industry in roles including:

  • Executive Vice President, Arrowstream, cloud based supply chain management technology
  • Vice President and General Manager, Univa, Datacenter automation and Cloud Management
  • Director, Dell Inc. (US and Asia-Pacific), Consulting Services, Global Solutions
  • Managing Director, Plural, one of the largest .NET developers in the country (acquired by Dell, 2002)

Alex currently sits on Microsoft’s Global Azure Advisory Committee and the Board of the Xchange Network, as well as several non-profit boards. He is a frequent speaker at a variety of industry events and conferences.

When he’s not singing cloud’s praises to all who will listen or helping clients realize their business potential, Alex spends time with his wife, two kids and their dog, Reuben, whom he named in honor of the sandwich. He lives in Glencoe, IL, where he sometimes gets to play Xbox—if he can wrest the controller from his 14-year-old son’s hand—and writes well-received Yelp reviews.