Brian Blanchard, Vice President, Cloud Solutions


WHAT HE BRINGS TO 10TH MAGNITUDE: A passion for helping our teams and customers be successful. A unique mixture of diverse experiences that help strengthen strategic planning and tactical execution efforts.

HIS FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME: The X-Men series. Who doesn’t want to be wolverine when they grow up?

THE GEEKIEST THING HE OWNS: A bottomless laptop bag. It holds an endless variety of wonders. If you see me in the airport or a conference room, don’t be surprised if I pull a handful of whiteboard markers, a mobile IoT kit, or a box of sensors out of the magic bag.

HIS HIDDEN TALENT: Animal trainer & naturalist... Not really, but if you join me for a video conference on a beautiful day in St. Louis, it may feel like it. Often times you can hear the birds chirping and see a wolf wondering around in the background. No worries, that's just our puppy, Skye. She often makes skype appearances to help support the awesome projects we tackle for our customers.