Trevor Hess, Senior Consultant


WHAT HE BRINGS TO 10TH MAGNITUDE: Enthusiasm—especially for the concepts defined by the DevOps Movement. He loves developing Azure applications (C# is his favorite), and playing with infrastructure. He gets excited about automation, and bending tools to fit his will—or finding a better tool.

GEEKIEST THING HE OWNS: He has three TARDIS figures, 2 Iron Man figures, an Arc Reactor, 2 Sonic Screwdrivers, a Phaser, Starfleet issue Earl Grey, a special edition Zelda 3DS and a baseball sized d20 that he 3-D printed and laser engraved. And that’s just his desk.

HIDDEN TALENT: Singing. He used to do community theater in New Hampshire, but now you can find him singing karaoke in Lakeview.

POP CULTURE FIGURE HE MOST IDENTIFIES WITH: Various characters across the Star Trek universe. He explains, “Putting together great solutions to problems, and not being afraid to go beyond your comfort zone are all things I associate with the various crews on any one of the Enterprises, as well as Voyager and Deep Space Nine (or the Defiant). Putting together a software product involves many of the same concepts. Everyone involved has to work closely together, if you see a problem with the process you have to raise a flag or everything gets dragged down. Software problems don’t go away by coming up with some fun technobabble and a creative analogy, but sometimes impersonating Scotty can bring an idea out of the back of your mind.”