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When it comes to Managed IT Services, companies should consider USA-based operations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 is creating worldwide, businesses still need to find ways to operate and costs still need to be managed. In the past, many businesses have turned to overseas outsourcing to help keep operating costs down and keep business running around the clock, but off-shore providers are struggling to adapt to the new normal and keep up with the demand of US-based customers.

COVID-19 Creates Critical Vulnerabilities to Off-Shore Outsourcing

Just as we are urged to practice social distancing here in the US, remote-work policies, safe distancing practices, and lockdowns are going into effect around the globe to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Recently, India (the heart of many overseas IT centers) followed suit and instituted a strict, widespread lockdown.1 These actions are necessary to keep residents safe, and the changes are leaving many companies scrambling to cope, including global banks, airlines and some Fortune 500 companies.

Why Can’t They Just Work from Home? It Isn’t That Simple.

IT staff in countries with the highest volume of support centers are not prepared to provide the same support when working from home. Often, internet connectivity is inadequate outside of established support centers and most employees don’t have access to the equipment and systems necessary to do their jobs remotely.

To make it work, employers would need to physically move millions of desktop computers and manually reconfigure software and systems to operate dispersed and on slower internet connections while maintaining cybersecurity within less-than-optimal networking environments—all in record time. That wouldn’t be an easy feat even under the best of circumstances.

This all comes at a time when the need to efficiently manage the risks and burden of increased remote operations is crucial. The challenges offshore centers are facing due to COVID-19 continue to swell, and when the tidal wave comes, keeping enterprise client services functioning smoothly may not be possible.

USA-Based Managed Services Provide Stability in Uncertain Times

USA-based IT managed services teams, especially those operating in the cloud, offer many advantages over off-shore outsourcing. Not only are our networks stable and able to handle the increased load, cloud-native companies like 10th Magnitude have long been prepared to work from anywhere without impact to security or availability. We are able to act as a stabilizing force for companies that need to make rapid changes and adjust to operating in a COVID-19 landscape.

10th Magnitude’s managed services team was born in the cloud, built for Azure utilizing Azure-native tooling, and we are Microsoft Gold Azure Expert Managed Service Providers. We are 100% USA-based, staffed with US Citizens, and ITAR Compliant. We work around the clock to provide you with the expert Azure Managed Services you need right now to stay strong.

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