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The 10th Magnitude Story

Microsoft Azure was first released back in 2010, when 10th Magnitude first opened our doors. We’ve been living and thriving entirely in the cloud since then, helping businesses transform and blazing trails to increase disruption across industries.

Born-in-the-cloud Azure Partner

Year: 2010 10th Magnitude opened the doors of its Chicago headquarters the same month Microsoft launched Azure. Thus began our long-standing relationship with Microsoft as a leading-edge Partner with deep Azure expertise. And, never having owned a server, we truly were born in the cloud.

Breaking new ground in the cloud

Year: 2011

  • Introduction to the Azure Circle
Back in 2011 10th Magnitude was invited to be a part of the Azure Circle, a select group of early thought leaders in the Azure channel. These were the pioneers of Azure – breaking, fixing, creating, and evangelizing to set the stage for Azure’s rapid innovation and growth.

The leader with Chef on Azure

Year: 2013

  • 10th Magnitude becomes the leader in Chef and DevOps solutions on Azure
In the challenging early days of Azure, we found that Chef provided the robust toolset our customers needed and we quickly became the (ital) experts in Chef on Azure. DevOps has always been in our DNA but this relationship was the catalyst for our innovation in the DevOps and containers space and helped 10th Magnitude to grow a culture of open source experts working in Azure.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Year: 2014

  • 1st US Partner to receive Gold DevOps Competency
  • Shortly after, we were the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist for the Developer Platform Award
  • We also received the Central Region Azure Partner of the Year
Just four years after we opened our doors, 10th Magnitude was a Gold Microsoft Partner, receiving the 1st US Gold DevOps Competency. This competency set the stage for 10th Magnitude's presence in the Azure community. In 2016, 10th Magnitude received the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for the Developer Platform Award as well as the Central Region Azure Partner of the Year.

Dallas Office Opens

Year: 2015

  • 10th Magnitude opens office in Dallas, Texas
The Dallas-Fort Worth area has experienced some of the highest high-tech job growth in the country. It’s no secret that the city is booming in many ways. As home to a highly talented workforce, business-friendly Dallas-Fort Worth was a natural pick when the time came to open a new 10th Magnitude branch.

Pamlico Capital Investment

Year: 2016

  • Private equity firm makes significant investment in 10th Magnitude
  • Expands east coast presence (New York office opens)
After they saw 10th Magnitude's expanding skills, expertise, and agility, private equity firm Pamlico Capital decided to make an investment in 10th Magnitude. This gave 10th Magnitude the ability to expand their east coast presence.

10vū™ Launches

Year: 2016

  • Developed to help organizations determine best practices and actionable next steps using their own data.
After months of testing, coding, and shifting, 10th Magnitude launched 10vū™, a suite of transformation tools that help visualize areas to improve Time to Market, Inventory Rationalization, and Inventory Modernization.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Year: 2016

  • 1st US Partner to receive Gold Cloud Platform Competency
In 2016, we expanded our Microsoft Partner competencies by receiving the 1st US Gold Cloud Platform Competency. This competency highlights our cloud-first philosophy, digital innovation mindset, and deep Azure expertise.

Tulsa Office Opens

Year: 2017

  • 10th Magnitude establishes cloud operations center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa is a fantastic market for the types of resources we needed for Managed Services. It perfectly balances convenience and affordability with the advantages of a talented workforce, a central USA location, and a pro-business atmosphere. And Oklahoma barbecue is as good as it gets. What more can you ask for?

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Year: 2017

  • Received Microsoft CSP Tier 1
  • 10th Magnitude launches Tier 1 CSP offering
As 10th Magnitude continued to grow and expand in our Cloud Platform expertise, we received the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Tier 1 title. Simultaneously, 10th Magnitude launched a Tier 1 CSP.

2017 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Year: 2017

In 2017, 10th Magnitude was recognized as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for the Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Platform Award; this was awarded to us for showing excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions. The award was a wonderful recognition of the success 10th Magnitude customers experienced as they digitally transform using Azure.

Managed Services

Year: 2017

  • Suite of Managed Services offerings launches
Our Managed Services suite was created to bring our customers the ongoing stability, security, and cost management needed in a cloud environment. One of the advantages of being an extension of our customer’s team is that they can focus on what they do best–run their business.

10th Magnitude Acquires Northwest Cadence

Year: 2018

  • Establishes West Coast presence (Seattle/Kirkland office opens)
  • Invited to join the Microsoft AI Inner Circle
In January 2018, 10th Magnitude acquired Northwest Cadence, growing the team’s headcount, expertise, and west coast presence. With this new powerhouse combination, 10th Magnitude magnified its capabilities to provide world-class digital transformation solutions.

Best Place to Work

Year: 2018

Our values have always included continuous innovation, team spirit, celebrating success, and fostering a culture of character and innovation. And thanks to the caliber of the people here, we weren’t entirely surprised to receive Inc.’s top honors, but we were proud nonetheless. Growth, passion, and fun define our company atmosphere.

Recognition for Azure Innovation with Open Source and Datacenter Transformation

Year: 2018

In 2018 Microsoft took notice of our unique approach to transformation and leadership in the open source community by awarding us the 2018 Open Source Applications & Infrastructure on Azure Partner of the Year award. And we were once again recognized for trailblazing new and innovative ways to utilize Microsoft’s more advanced features as the US Data Center Transformation partner of the year.

Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Year: 2018

This partner status places 10th Magnitude in a small group of Azure partners that Microsoft describes as “our most capable Azure MSPs.” Qualifying for this difficult certification validates the high level of Azure expertise we bring our clients every day.

Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work

Year: 2019

We believe that 10th Magnitude is a great place to work. Empowering. Synergistic. Stimulating. Three words that describe what it’s like to be part of our crew. Working here has its own unique feel that’s fueled by our principals of innovation, comradery, celebrating success, and our company culture. That culture is being recognized for the second year in a row!

10th Magnitude Named Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner for Third Consecutive Year!

Year: 2019

Recognizing 10th Magnitude as among top industry leaders for cloud-based technologies, Microsoft awarded us two incredible honors in 2019. We were named the winner for both the 2019 Microsoft Datacenter Migration Partner of the Year and the 2019 Microsoft DevOps Partner of the Year. More than 2,900 entrants from 115 countries around the world were considered for Microsoft’s Partner of the Year awards in 2019. We were proud and honored to be among them.

10th Magnitude Becomes a GitHub Verified Partner!

Year: 2020

This partnership allows 10th Magnitude to augment our existing development framework, DevOps, and automation capabilities through best-in-breed tooling with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise, expanding our ability to meet our customers where they are and further empowering us to bring them to where they want to be.

10th Magnitude Wins Two Microsoft US Partner Awards & a Global Partner of the Year Finalist Award!

Year: 2020

Achieving these awards represents our deep commitment to continuously bringing new, transformational solutions to market and strengthening our partnership with Microsoft to provide clients with unparalleled cloud capabilities.

10th Magnitude Joins Cognizant's Microsoft Business Group!

Year: 2020

Composed of 10th Magnitude, New Signature, and Cognizant associates, the Microsoft Business Group has a singular purpose — creating and accelerating cloud transformation for our clients.

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