re:Invent your Cloud with Azure

re:Invent your Cloud with Azure

Many people and businesses believe cloud is a platform, an infrastructure or a panacea for a multitude of IT backlog issues or cost overruns. And, it can be just that. But, companies that treat cloud as a tool limit their IT teams to delivery and execution at a time when IT and the business should be partnering to hone strategies for digital transformation. 

Rather than using cloud to grow your computing power and data centers, why not use it to grow your business? 

Microsoft provides a hybrid cloud platform that delivers consistent experiences across on-premises, Azure and other public clouds. Azure Active Directory, OMS, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Service Fabric are all designed to be used in any data center and in any cloud so that you can stop focusing on the mechanics of cloud and start focusing on solutions. Not only that, but with Microsoft, you get a partner, not just a platform. 

Let’s take a look a closer look the reasons why you should consider Microsoft cloud solutions over AWS. 

True Reinvention 

If you want to reinvent your organization as a hyperscale contender and integrate with your end customers, Azure is a better fit than AWS for you. With Microsoft, you get cloud speed, scale and economics–no matter what platform you are on or what cloud environment you choose. And it doesn’t stop there. Microsoft has aligned its business to help promote and grow organizations, so they have the know-how to provide go-to-market campaigns through their Marketplace.  

Hybrid for the Modern Organization 

For the modern organization, hybrid isn’t just a question of what should be on-premises and what should be in the cloud. Instead, you are also looking at infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Azure is a more diverse cloud option than AWS in that respect, offering industry-leading IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions that increase productivity and ROI, along with solutions that address on-premises and cloud needs. 

Heavenly Application Hosting and Tools 

Microsoft has flexed its knowledge of developer tools to offer a large suite of hosting options that is rich in features. Service Fabric, Logic Apps and Web Jobs are powerful differentiators for Azure developers. In addition, with the cognitive APIs, bots, machine learning and blockchain as service capabilities that are only available with Azure, it’s possible to develop intelligent solutions at scale. 

Opening Doors with Open Source  

Microsoft believes in an open-source world and therefore actively supports the open-source community. After all, more than 40 percent of VMs are Linux. To that end, Microsoft has ensured that Azure is a great choice for mixed Linux and Windows workloads and open source shops. Even purely open source workflows and teams are right at home in Azure. Not only that, but many components of Azure will integrate with AWS. 

Rock-Solid Security You Can Trust 

Security, privacy and compliance are embedded in Azure. Microsoft is so committed to providing a trusted cloud platform that it invested over $1 billion in security just last year. And, with more than 60 compliance offerings for Azure, Microsoft’s compliance coverage is more comprehensive than that of AWS. In addition, Microsoft was the first major cloud provider to agree and commit to meeting the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s no wonder Azure is the most trusted cloud in the world. 

All Around the World 

If you are global, Azure is where you need to be, period. Microsoft is committed to geographic expansion and the 42 Azure regions are more than those of any other cloud provider. This means enterprises like yours have more choices for data centers and regions. Simply put, you can get the performance and support you need, where you need it. 

Containing Kubernetes 

Kubernetes is now a top choice for containers. But, search the web for “Kubernetes” and one of the results will be Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial, Kubernetes the Hard Way. Who has that kind of time and effort? With Microsoft, you don’t have to run your own Kubernetes cluster. Instead, there’s AKS (Azure Container Service), a new Kubernetes service that makes it a breeze to manage and operate your Kubernetes environments. 

The Bottom Line 

Cloud can be so much more than computing power, infrastructure and expanded storage. It can actually be a platform that modernizes with your business—and that’s what Azure offers. In addition, with Microsoft, you get a partner that actively sells with your team. If your enterprise wants to expand beyond IaaS to a place where the sky’s the limit, Microsoft is the right choice for you.   

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