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The Rapidly Emerging Practice Area in Artificial Intelligence: AI DevOps

Podcast Episode 8 – The Rapidly Emerging Practice Area in Artificial Intelligence: AI DevOps

March 14, 2019

In this episode, Ira Bell 10M CTO speaks with Ryan Chynoweth, 10M Data Scientist and Colin Dembovsky, 10M Cloud Solution Architect, on the topic of AI DevOps which is a rapidly emerging practice area in Artificial Intelligence. Those who mature beyond technical agility and organizational agility to become digital disruptors are leading the charge in this type of digital transformation.


10th Magnitude Webinar

Webinar: Gaining Control of Your Azure Investments

February 14, 2019

Join Azure experts from CloudHealth by VMware and 10th Magnitude as they dive into the Azure landscape and highlight how they are seeing enterprises effectively manage their environment.


The Art of Digital Disruption

Podcast Episode 7 – The Art of the Possible – Moving a Mission-Critical System to the Cloud

February 14, 2019

Steven Borg talks with Brandon Ekberg, Senior Vice President of Operations at Innovative Systems about their big move to the cloud, the science of data, and the art of the possible through the power of Azure.


10th Magnitude Blog Post

Azure Machine Learning Services and Azure Databricks

February 8, 2019

As a consultant working almost exclusively in Microsoft Azure, developing and deploying artificial intelligent (AI) solutions to suit our client’s needs is at the core of our business. Predictive solutions […]


Epidoe 6 - The Power of AI

Podcast Episode 6 – The Power of AI

February 1, 2019

Ira Bell talks with Ryan Chynoweth, a Data Scientist at 10th Magnitude about the power of artificial intelligence (AI) from an architectural, use case, ethics and state of the technology perspective.


Azure DevOps vs. DevOps in Azure

Podcast Episode 5 – What is Azure DevOps vs. DevOps in Azure

January 17, 2019

Steven Borg speaks with Josh Garverick and Colin Dembovsky, both Microsoft MVPs and 10th Magnitude Solution Architects in the DevOps Space, as they discuss Azure DevOps versus DevOps in Azure.