Responding to Market Shifts: Why Retailers Need the Cloud Now More Than Ever

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of business and home life, rapidly changing the way most of us conduct business and go about our daily lives.

Retailers, in particular, have faced many new challenges as a result. Some physical stores have been closed for months, forcing businesses to scramble to modify how they serve customers to stay in business. Other retailers are dealing with inconsistent supply chains alongside new product demands and spikes in online shopping, all while operating with a newly remote workforce.

How can retailers navigate this new normal? Connecting people, systems, and operations remotely and in new ways has become absolutely essential — not just to weather the pandemic, but to stay competitive in the future as this global experience influences long-lasting changes to customer expectations and the way we shop.

Here are some key benefits retailers can gain from the cloud now that will continue driving success in the future.

Why Retailers Need the Cloud Now More Than Ever Infographic

Enabling Remote Customer Connections & Experiences

Staying truly connected with your customers from a distance is a challenge without the right technology. Cloud-powered applications can provide customized, real-time buying experiences. They enable virtual connections, streamline both online and in-store shopping, and give you the power to provide truly elevated customer interactions.

Modernizing your applications in the cloud addresses the demands of today while remaining future-focused. You’ll gain the ability to innovate faster, reduce downtime, and continuously improve customer interactions to future-proof relationships with your buyers and give your sales and service teams the tools they need to help your business thrive.

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Empowering Teams to Work From Anywhere

There’s a tremendous difference between just ‘getting by’ with a remote work scenario and truly maximizing the potential of your remote workforce. Remote work is here to stay for some roles, and this year has proven that the ability to fully operate remotely is crucial for business continuity.

There are other perks too — the same technology that empowers remote workers also helps break down silos and enables better collaboration between teams and across retail locations, which ultimately results in better experiences for your customers.

Retailers need to prioritize cloud technology that not only allows teams to collaborate from anywhere, but also provides real-time access to the resources, applications, and support they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels, regardless of their location.

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Embedding Resiliency in Your Supply Chain

Supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 are taking a toll on businesses of all sizes and across most industries. For retailers, that often means not being able to deliver the goods customers need, when they need them most.

With the help of cloud-powered systems, applications, and data intelligence, retailers can take steps to in-build resilience every step of the way while increasing connectivity and transparency for business and consumer confidence.

Cloud technology allows you to intelligently connect people, systems, and operations — providing real-time inventory visibility and enabling universal item records while goods move between suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses to stores and then on to your customers.

You’ll be able to plan better, adapt to changes faster, break down silos with shared access to data and analytics, and create real-time access to the information needed to minimize disruptions. Get started now with our Data Estate Modernization Quickstart.

Embracing the New Retail Landscape

New customer and business demands are accelerating technology adoption and creating both higher consumer expectations and an urgent need for an agile infrastructure to manage and secure data and applications.

How do you keep up? Retailers must embrace this as the new normal, not a temporary need, and invest in the right solutions to thrive.

Ideally, those solutions will include an optimized cloud infrastructure with integrated digital tools, applications and platforms that provide secure, remote access to employees while allowing you to continuously adapt to the changing needs of your customers and the marketplace.

10th Magnitude’s award-winning team of Azure experts has more than a decade of experience helping retailers move to and grow within the cloud. We’ll meet you where you are and help you reach an ideal state for success and continuity through COVID-19 and beyond. Contact us to get started today.

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