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Revolutionizing the IoT Suite with Azure Sphere

Microsoft recently announced the preview of Microsoft Azure Sphere, a new solution for creating highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. Azure Sphere brings together three key components to create a unique approach to security: Secured MCU, Secure OS (with a custom Linux kernel), and Cloud Security. Read the Microsoft announcement.

With Azure Sphere, Microsoft has provided the foundation of cloud connectivity and security. CRN note’s this will Spark Big IoT Security Opportunities, and 10th Magnitude is excited and ready to bring this to our customers.

We have been working with Microsoft’s IoT suite since its inception. We’ve experienced the need for Azure Sphere first hand and have constructed a number of bolt-on solutions for customers including our own IoT Field Gateway. Having this functionality native within the Azure toolset is exactly what solution providers and customers have been asking for and we believe that this will accelerate Azure IoT suite adoption.

At 10th Magnitude we’ve found that the key to customer success is to stay as close to Azure native as possible. Azure Sphere aligns with that strategy and is exactly what solution providers have been asking for.

This trend of Microsoft filling edge gaps with their own hardware innovation like Azure Data Box and now Azure Sphere is quite exciting for solution providers that have attached themselves to the explosive growth of Microsoft Azure. The pace at which Microsoft is giving solution providers tools to create customer value and monetize that value is staggering.

Azure Sphere is currently in private preview and development kits are being widely distributed now. Expect that the Azure Sphere platform will revolutionize the way we approach development, security, and connectivity of all types of devices in our day-to-day lives. Microsoft is once again on the forefront of the Digital Transformation as we continue to integrate every-day devices into the broader digital ecosystem. Not one computer on a desk, not one phone in your pocket, but dozens of individual appliances and devices in every home and business.

Visit the Azure Sphere website for more information.

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