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Managed Services

With our managed services, 10th Magnitude delivers agility, security, cost management, and stability in your cloud environment so you can focus on what you do best–run your business and innovate.

Find the ideal plan for your company.

As Microsoft’s Global Award-Winning Azure service provider, 10th Magnitude brings our vast experience as an extension of your team to allow you more time, greater flexibility, and continuous innovation around your cloud initiatives. We will work with your teams as expert guides, providing planning, support, and data-driven recommendations. No overblown on-site installation. No huge (and unpredictable) price tag.

Azure DevOps
Managed Services

Azure DevOps is the heart of DevOps. Create a software delivery team that’s happy and productive in Azure DevOps. Get real-time visualization of the info you need. Access an awesome library of knowledge-building resources.

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Managed Services

10th Magnitude blends technology and automation with seasoned experts who deliver ongoing architecture, security, and 24x7x365 operations. These services apply the principals of DevOps and automation to services, promoting agility, flexibility, scale, and stability in your Azure environment.

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10th Magnitude is proud to be a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), a small and exclusive group of the best Microsoft Azure Partners around the globe.

Our Managed Services offerings are uniquely positioned to provide modernized tools and services for our customers accelerating delivery and realigning IT value as part of their Digital Transformation journey. Our Managed Services help modernize tools, accelerate delivery, and realign IT value.

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Get matched with the right Managed Service to set you up for success.

Work closely with 10th Magnitude experts on your unique needs.

Receive on-going support, continued updates, & personalized training to ensure your success.

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“10th Magnitude’s excellent analytic and visualization processes helped us understand what needs to be done, and to feel confident that it can be done.”

—Brenda Cooper, Chief Information Officer, City of Kirkland

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