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Azure DevOps Managed Services

Improve DevOps team productivity and strengthen collaboration. With our monthly Managed Services, 10th Magnitude will work with your teams as an expert guide, providing ongoing planning, support, and consulting.

Azure DevOps Managed Services

Choose a plan that’s perfect for your needs

Essentials Azure DevOps

For organizations new to DevOps or Azure DevOps, with a desire to operationalize software delivery.


  • Azure DevOps Administration (12×5) (4hours)
  • User/Security Administration
  • New Project Creation
  • Azure DevOps Best Practices & On-boarding Workshop
  • Basic Visual Cadence reporting platform (1 hr)
  • Supports 100 Azure DevOps Users
  • Supports 1 Azure DevOps Instance

Enhanced Azure DevOps

For organizations with mature DevOps practices, with a desire to transform software delivery.


  • Azure DevOps Administration (24×7) (2hours)
  • Assessment and planning
  • Migration from TFS to Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge Library access
  • Premium Visual Cadence reporting platform (5 min)
  • Semi-annual review of DevOps processes and Azure DevOps utilization/licensing
  • Supports 500 Azure DevOps Users
  • Supports 3 Azure DevOps Instance

Enterprise Azure DevOps

For organizations with complex, large, or mature software delivery teams, with a desire to outsource specialized expert skills.


  • Azure DevOps Administration (24×7) (15min)
  • Private Instance Visual Cadence reporting platform
  • Reduced consulting rate for project work
  • Quarterly review of DevOps processes and Azure DevOps utilization/ licensing
  • Annual 3 day onsite workshop
  • Supports Unlimited Azure DevOps Users and Instances

Continuous improvement requires continuous attention. Our Managed Services allow you to focus on what’s most important. We’re here along the way to provide insights, suggest improvements, provide expert guidance and resources on a real-time basis.

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“With 10th Magnitude’s self-service platform, our teams are able to deliver Elekta’s products in real time – ultimately enabling our team to showcase value faster and improve our customer’s overall experience.”

—Chuck Martin, Director of Global Cloud Solutions, Elekta


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