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Azure Managed Services

Improve DevOps team productivity and strengthen collaboration. Modernize your operations. 10th Magnitude delivers agility, cost-effectiveness, and stability in your Azure environment, so you can focus on what you do best–run your business..

Azure Managed Services

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Essentials Azure

With our monthly Azure Managed Services, 10th Magnitude will work with your teams as an expert guide, providing support and optimization of your Azure infrastructure.

• 24 x 7 Tier 1 Technical Support, with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support as required
• Azure Cost Monitoring, analytics dashboards, and reports detailing operational and financial metrics
• Azure Policy Management to ensure compliance with corporate standards and service level agreements
• Shared TAM
• Quarterly Account Review Requirements
• Azure Subscription from 10th Magnitude Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

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Enhanced Azure

With Enhanced Managed Services, our team of experts proactively monitors and manages your Azure environments. Our certified engineers will ensure your infrastructure is running efficiently and securely 24×7.

• 24 x 7 Technical Support, with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support as required
• Azure IaaS & PaaS Monitoring and Alerting (30 min SLA)
• Incident & Problem Management
• Provisioning & DevOps Automation
• Unified Security, Backups & Patch Management
• 10vu Managed Services Dashboard
• Shared TAM
• Quarterly Account Review
• Supports EA, CSP & PAYG Azure Subscriptions

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Enterprise Azure

Developed to meet the security and compliance needs of Fortune 500 companies, Enterprise Azure provides all of the features of our Enhanced service with integrated solutions for disaster recovery and advanced security.

• 24 x 7 Technical Support, with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support as required
• Azure IaaS & PaaS Monitoring and Alerting (15 min SLA)
• Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions with Azure Site Recovery
• Advanced Security Solutions powered by Alert Logic
• 10vu Enterprise Managed Services Dashboard
• Shared & Dedicated TAM Models
• Quarterly Account Review
• Monthly Service Review

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Continuous improvement requires continuous attention. Our Managed Services allow you to focus on what’s most important. We’re here along the way to provide insights, suggest improvements, provide expert guidance and resources on a real-time basis.

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10th Magnitude blends technology with innovation to bring you a variety of Managed Services options including ongoing architecture, security, and 24x7x365 operations. Get more from your Managed Services with 10th Magnitude:

  • Proactive monitoring and escalation services monitor your infrastructure and applications for performance and availability. Additionally, we monitor the Azure platform for outages and maintenance notifications and contact Microsoft on your behalf if necessary.
  • Incident management and resolution services handle incidents that our monitoring systems or alarms detect or that you report, fixing them either automatically or manually.
  • Modern service management services coordinate all change actions, ensuring they are applied in an orderly fashion with no overlaps, including holding all incoming manual requests until approved.
  • Deployment and configuration services use predefined templates, each built to conform to Azure best practices, to automate provisioning.
  • Patch management services cover operating system (Windows and Linux) and infrastructure application security updates and fixes.
  • Unified security management services look for viruses and malware and detect intrusions on managed instances, all while controlling and limiting access to production systems.
  • Continuity management services back up each resource with specified frequency and use a runbook to bring failed infrastructure back to life.
  • Governance services use policy-based controls and financial and capacity management reports to help drive accountability, compliance and financial insights.
  • Cloud procurement solutions provide consumption based Azure licensing with flexible payment options, intelligent reporting, and no up-front commitments allowing you to continuously plan for and optimize spend.

“10th Magnitude is unmatched in their deep Azure expertise. When
we were looking for a managed services partner, we went with 10th Magnitude due to the seamless transition of working with them on our Azure migration into providing management of our SaaS application infrastructure in Azure. This clear pathway from professional into managed services enabled us to focus on our core business.”

—John Powers, CEO, CreditPoint Software

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