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Data Intelligence

IT and business leaders alike are starting to understand the power of the Azure Data Platform. Taking strategic advantage of modern data architectures and new data technology unlocks powerful possibilities.

Amazing things can be done with data.

Democratizing your company’s data in a modern data platform enables decision makers to act quickly and confidently on new insights.

How do you get started? We can help you build the enterprise-level components as well as strategically focused departmental data solutions so you can start learning and benefiting from your data.

How we help

Modern Data Platform
10th Magnitude can bring together your data with our delivery approach and our technical capabilities to architect an efficient and modern data platform. A modern data platform includes data ingestion, data storage, data preparation, data modeling, and data presentation. Years of successful customer engagements will make certain your modern data platform is built effectively.

Project Alignment with Business Objectives
We put emphasis on the inclusion of business leaders in Data Intelligence projects. Departmental business professionals are the consumers of your data and connecting them with the outputs of the project will help ensure the project is successfully executed to align with your business’s broader objectives.

Self-Service BI
Business are struggling to democratize their data. Putting prepared, consumable, and trustworthy data at the fingertips of the people and departments that need to consume it in a timely manner is easier said than done. We’ll help ensure that self-service BI is a reality by making data security, data governance, and data quality be at the center of your self-service BI strategy.

Data-Driven Design
Putting your data to work through big data technologies and predictive analytics in the cloud delivers real-time intelligence—almost as good as the power to predict the future! Whether you’re developing a new application or honing your business processes, we’ll help you design your system to capitalize on data insights you can use to maximize efficiency, understand your customers better, and much more.

Visualization & Reporting
Static reports just don’t cut it anymore. You need better ways to visualize and understand the valuable stories your data is telling and get the right insights to the right people at the right time. Through a solid understanding of your business objectives and challenges, we will work with you to create dynamic, always-current reports that allow users to cross-filter visuals, drill down, and perform ad-hoc natural language queries.

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