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Data Intelligence

IT and business decision makers alike are starting to understand the power of data and AI. Taking strategic advantage of new data technology unlocks powerful possibilities.

Amazing things can be done with data.

Embedding AI into your apps and workflows can dramatically improve user experience and process efficiency.

And near real-time analytics with dynamic visualization allows decision makers to act quickly and confidently on new insights. But how to get started? We can help you build enterprise-level intelligence into your applications and processes so you can start benefiting from your data.

How we help

Machine Learning
Computing systems that continue to get smarter with experience? Wow! Gone are the days when software solved fixed problems with fixed solutions. Today’s developers face dynamic problems. Machine learning allows data scientists to build always-improving solutions. We can help you use it to build intelligent applications that automate decisions and augment employee workflows for more efficient business practices.

Deep Learning
Deep learning is a sub-category of machine learning. Centered on the use of advanced neural networks, it’s one of the biggest reasons for the recent growth of AI. We’ll help you develop and deploy deep learning solutions in both Microsoft Azure and on-premises, to unlock the full capabilities of your data, using custom image recognition, text analysis, and more to accomplish tasks that previously required human interaction.

Visualization & Reporting
Static reports just don’t cut it anymore. You need better ways to visualize and understand the valuable stories your data is telling and get the right insights to the right people at the right time. Through a solid understanding of your business objectives and challenges, we will work with you to create dynamic, always-current reports that allow users to cross-filter visuals, drill down, and perform ad-hoc natural language queries.

Data-driven Design
Putting your data to work through big data technologies and predictive analytics in the cloud delivers real-time intelligence—almost as good as the power to predict the future! Whether you’re developing a new application or honing your business processes, we’ll help you design your system to capitalize on data insights you can use to maximize efficiency, understand your customers better, and much more.

Big Data
Big data can quickly create value for your business through lightning fast queries across gigabytes, terabytes, and petabytes of data. We’ll help you centralize and consolidate your data, making it easily accessible for your analysts, reporting solutions, and business processes. Implement big data solutions that include modern architectures to support streaming analytics, IoT data ingestion, distributed data and more.

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