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Site Reliability Engineering

Combine a DevOps culture with solid engineering practices to deliver software innovation faster and with less risk.

Customers expect more every day, because they know it’s possible.

Exceed their expectations with a faster, more reliable application release cadence.

Then ensure you keep their trust with rock solid platforms that automatically scale, effortlessly fail-over in an emergency, and notify your service team well before they are in danger of failing. And, while you’re at it, give your own team some love, with a deployment pipeline solid enough to push to production at will (yes, even during the day), freeing you from the fear that’s forced you into nighttime and weekend deployments, without compromising quality or stability.

How we help

Infrastructure automation
Our experts use a combination of infrastructure as code (Terraform), configuration management (Chef), container orchestration (Kubernetes), and automated deployments and self-service (Jenkins) to create a source-controlled, repeatable and flexible environment for your applications.

Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)
Skills in advanced Azure automation enable you to rapidly deploy software changes from version control through each of your environments, all the way to production. Faster, more granular releases are safer, dramatically reduce downtime, increase security and allow you to get rapid feedback.

Deployment Automation
Our DevOps and Automation practitioners orchestrate complex deployments for all your delivery environments. Using modular and reusable resources and self-service dashboards, they simplify, standardize and automate the deployment of even your most complex applications. The result? Seamless application deployment and maintenance is executed for (and not by) you.

To keep it all lean, our experienced practitioners can help you containerize your applications to create lightweight, standalone, executable packages of software that include everything needed to run. No more VMs for every piece of software you execute.

Embracing automation and focusing your organization around the products it owns allows you to minimize time to market and deliver value faster, safer, more efficiently, and more reliably than ever before. Optimize your engineering efforts and multiply your organization’s capabilities by adopting modern infrastructure and delivery practices.

—Ryan Lee, 10th Magnitude

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