Accelerate your digital journey

Delivering the Right Mix of Solutions and Expertise

You have digital transformation plans. Maybe they include migrating a data center or modernizing and moving legacy software. Or perhaps the goal is to deliver your team’s innovative new IoT software faster, not to mention managing and analyzing the data it and your other applications generate. So, what do you do next? Talk to 10th Magnitude.

Whether your plans include anything or everything in this list or somewhere in-between, we can deliver the right mix of solutions and expertise to ensure all your plans execute smoothly. Plus, if you need services to manage your entire initiative, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Strategy

To accelerate your digital transformation journey, you need the cloud. Our Cloud Strategy solution will help you take your first steps on your cloud journey and guide you along the way. 10th Magnitude will work with you on a shared vision and strategy that starts with Microsoft Azure, follows your roadmap and ends with success.

Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation is about value-driven transformation that requires deep Microsoft expertise, standardized templates, repeatable processes and proven best practices to ensure a once lifeless legacy data center is modern, fast, reliable and secure—no matter the type.

Devops and Automation

DevOps and Automation in the cloud enables you to develop apps faster, reduce overhead and decrease downtime. We offer structured, secure automation and optimization for speedy delivery and reliable deployment – allowing you to deliver software innovation faster and with less risk.

Data and Analytics

Our Data and Analytics solution helps our clients with data center extension, centralization and ambitious IoT projects - and everything in between. Our team is skilled in modern platforms such as Cortana Analytics, data lakes, Cloudera, visualization, modern data management, protection and recovery.

Application Modernization

Delivering simplification and optimization, our Application Modernization solution utilizes containers, reusable components, services and integration to replace the complexity of application development from scratch. The result is a not a new application portfolio—but an evolved one.

Managed Services

Digital transformation takes modern managed services with intense focus on customers, autonomy and automation. 10th Magnitude offers a new breed of managed services to deliver the agility, cost effectiveness and simplicity which the cloud promises. Our managed services are built on our vast experience as one of the world’s leading Microsoft Azure service providers. These services apply the principles of DevOps and automation to services, promoting agility, flexibility and stability in your Azure environment.