Data and Analytics

Powerful Insights Unleashed your Way

Big Data is an accepted part of life that can create value for your business. 10th Magnitude helps clients with data center extension, centralization and ambitious IoT projects – and everything in between. Our Data and Analytics solutions have the flexibility to meet the needs of any organization, loosely organized into three categories:

  • Hybrid Enterprise: If you have multiple data marts spread throughout one or more data centers, we can help you centralize and consolidate data to build better data warehouse solutions.
  • Cloud Enterprise: If you are pushing the data boundaries a bit further, centralizing data and working with new and exciting data approaches like big data, unstructured data, distributed data, IoT and streaming, we can help you navigate these options.
  • Medium Business: If you need to reduce the number of your data centers or move entirely to the cloud and have budget constraints, our data management and analytic skills and best practices will lead you though a graceful, successful and cost-effective exit.

No matter which category best describes your need, our offering combines deep Microsoft Azure expertise, Microsoft analytic tools, modern practices, standardized templates, patterns and proven best practices so you can unleash the power of sophisticated analytics on consistent, prepped, high-quality data, no matter the source.


“We are grateful for the collaborative spirit and Azure expertise at 10th Magnitude. Their engineers were critical in helping us quickly solve a challenging issue in our Azure environment.”

Senior Director Enterprise Architecture, Leading Retail Organization

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Data and Analytics: Powerful Insights, Unleashed Your Way

Your Data and Insights Like Never Before  

With so much going on in the world of data, not the least of which are the gigabytes generated almost every day, we can design and implement the perfect data management and analytics solution for you. Our practitioners are skilled in modern platforms like Cortana Analytics, data lakes, Cloudera, visualization, modern data management, protection and recovery. You explain your challenges, share your objectives and determine your timing, and we do the rest.