Data Center Transformation

A Journey of Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency, Agility and Innovation

Data Center Transformation begins with cloud migration and a journey to value-driven transformation and a departure from the status quo. For organizations that are focused on this new path, transformation is about the initial migration and values-driven transformation to a Hybrid or Cloud Enterprise. The initial step forward centers on a move to the cloud through automated and tested migration practices. This will begin a journey to expedite cloud capabilities, enable Managed Services and consolidate existing legacy data centers. These solutions have the flexibility to meet the needs of any organization, loosely organized into two categories:

  • Hybrid Enterprise: Do you have multiple data centers, a mixture of assets, collocated facilities and multiple public clouds? If so, we focus on simplifying and strengthening cloud governance and asset lifecycle management.
  • Cloud Enterprise: Is rapid transformation, a cohesive Enterprise Cloud Strategy, consolidation and convergence your focus because of a data center, managed service or licensing renewal? If so, we offer the timing that enables you to meet your goal without sacrificing security or operations.


"Hillyard needed a partner that was invested in modern cloud technologies to aid us in migrating and transforming our on-premises data center to Microsoft Azure. 10th Magnitude was exactly what we needed to make that transition and to keep Hillyard moving forward in today's markets."

Mike, Goetz, IT Operations Manager
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Data Center Transformation: Journey from Migration to Transformation

Your Modern, Hosted Data Center: Covered  

With so many different combinations of data center transformation tools, we can design and implement the perfect data center transformation solution for you. Our practitioners are skilled in governance, ITIL, Azure implementation, security and identity management, protection and recovery, risk mitigation and more. You explain your challenges, share your objectives and determine your timing, and we do the rest.   

With Data Center Transformation, there is a combination of five key values: