DevOps and Automation

Keep CALMS with Automation, Lean and Metrics

Our DevOps and Automation solution delivers software innovation faster and with less risk. It covers the A-L-M aspects of CALMS, because with proper automation, lean principles and metrics, the changes in company culture and collaboration come naturally. Our Azure experience enables structured, secure automation and optimization. The key elements are:

  • Infrastructure automation: Our experts use a combination of infrastructure as code (Terraform), configuration management (Chef), container orchestration (Kubernetes), and automated deployments and self-service (Jenkins) to create a source-controlled, repeatable and flexible environment for your applications.
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD): Skills in advanced Azure automation enable our specialists to automate constant, small software changes and frequent iterations based on feedback, from source control to production. The struggles you face with massive, timed releases are eliminated.
  • Deployment automation: Our DevOps and Automation practitioners orchestrate complex deployments for all your delivery environments. Using modular and reusable resources and self-service dashboards, they simplify, standardize and automate the deployment of even your most complex applications. The result? Seamless application deployment and maintenance is executed for and not by you.
  • Containers: To keep it all lean, our experienced practitioners use Docker to create lightweight, standalone, executable packages of software that include everything needed to run it. No more VMs for every piece of software you execute.


"The engineers at 10th Magnitude helped us embrace a DevOps philosophy in our organization, and it's now part of our culture. From start to finish, they really went the extra mile - they enabled us to realize success."

CIO, Software as a Service Organization

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DevOps and Automation: Keep CALMS with Automation, Lean and Metrics

Automation and Optimization, Covered and Delivered 

When you distill the philosophy behind DevOps in the cloud, you’ll find automation and optimization at the core. With that in mind, our DevOps practitioners use a model with automation, validation, testing and trust as the foundation.