Retail Energy Supplier

Company One of the fastest growing electricity and natural gas providers in the United States. Challenge The client needed to set up a highly available SQL cluster in Azure to support a line of business application. Solution We automated the deployment of the SQL cluster in Azure as well as the core infrastructure using Azure … Continued

Retail Energy Supplier

Company One of the fastest growing electricity and natural gas providers in the United States. Challenge The client had selected Chef as its infrastructure automation tool, but needed assistance getting hands-on Chef experience and ensuring successful adoption. Solution We delivered Chef training for the client team and then conducted a Chef proof of concept (POC) … Continued

Holden International

Company A global sales training and consulting firm that presents sales as a management science and creates customized training for clients. Challenge efox, a semi-custom app for training programs, needed modernizing for usability, changeability, flexibility, multiple CRM compatibility, and to enable a new licensing model. Solution We used Azure PaaS to create a multi-lingual, multi-CRM … Continued

Arrow Payments

Company Delivers credit card processing for retailers, restaurants, small businesses and service providers who work on-site with customers, such as plumbers. Challenge As payment processing moved online, the company needed a cost-effective, 100% secure, PCI compliant, user-friendly online payment gateway and customer support center. Solution In only 13 weeks using Azure PaaS, we developed a … Continued

International Construction Company

Company A leading international construction company with customers primarily in the UK and the US, and an emerging presence in Asia and the Middle East. Challenge The client had performed an initial assessment for migrating 17 applications to Azure, but needed additional expertise to validate its assessment and develop a detailed plan. Solution We employed our … Continued

Public Accounting Firm

Company Major certified public accounting firm in the United States, providing assurance, tax and advisory services to public and private clients. Challenge The client had moved some workloads to Azure, but needed assistance optimizing the management and implementation of its cloud infrastructure. Solution We helped the client leverage Active Directory as a new security model for … Continued

Equipment Manufacturer

Company Manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for municipal, governmental and commercial customers, including a leading brand of street sweepers. Challenge The client needed to enable its street sweeper product line, deployed across a large number of municipalities, for remote monitoring, maintenance and predictive analytics. Solution We conducted a proof of concept with Azure IoT Suite … Continued


Company Develops web-based e-discovery applications for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations. Challenge kCura needed to create a highly scalable educational “lab” tool to provide individual demo environments for customers at its annual conference, Relativity Fest. Solution We developed a cloud-based, custom lab automation application that simultaneously provided over 500 attendees with … Continued

Project Management Software Provider

Company International provider of popular software that helps IT project teams work together effectively and apply lean management principles. Challenge The client needed to migrate over 2,000 VMs from its existing hosted infrastructure to Azure in order to comply with stringent EU data residency clauses. Solution We developed an application architecture for migrating the client’s 500 GB … Continued

General Building Construction Company

Company One of the largest general contractors in the United States, providing design, build, finance and operation services. Challenge The client needed a more dynamic and less time-consuming project P&L reporting solution to replace its existing solution. Solution We created a data model using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services to enable a more complete view of P&L … Continued