Toss the Confetti: 10th Magnitude Has Been Named a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

At 10th Magnitude, we constantly strive to provide the best service in digital innovation for our clients and their companies. 10th Magnitude is proud of the work we do to modernize our client’s digital infrastructure and applications; to make the cloud work best for them, to automate their digital market, and to create personalized innovations unique to each company.

And now, we have further proof that 10th Magnitude is highly qualified to provide excellent service and support for our clients: 10th Magnitude has been named an Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Microsoft Azure.

A Small and Exclusive Group

Being named an Expert MSP for Microsoft Azure puts 10th Magnitude in a small, elite class of partners that meet the challenging requirements to receive this certification.

What does this mean for 10th Magnitude’s clients? It means our team is dedicated to providing the best possible cloud experience possible. 10th Magnitude CEO, Alex Brown, put it best by giving credit to the whole team.

“This validates the extremely high level of expertise 10th Magnitude has in providing Azure services,” Brown said. “Our entire team is truly committed to helping every customer get the most out of their cloud journey.  Receiving independent confirmation of that commitment and skill from Microsoft’s rigorous Expert MSP certification process is an honor. We’re proud to be part of the Azure Expert MSP program that assists our clients with their digital transformations.”

So What Exactly is the Azure Expert MSP Program?

How is one named an Azure Expert MSP? And what does it mean for you as a consumer? Azure Corporate Vice President Corey Sanders put it best in his announcement of the program: “This framework is built so that you can trust that the MSPs who’ve earned the badge are continuously working to remain true Azure experts.”

In order to be part of the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Program, companies must continuously meet a strict set of requirements and display expansive knowledge of Microsoft Azure. This includes verified, proven excellence in customer delivery, proof of technical expertise, and success in completing an independent audit of managed services, people, processes, and technologies.

“It was an intensive audit that required expertise from across the business,” said Ryan McDonald, VP of Managed Services for 10th Magnitude. “What an incredible honor from Microsoft. Qualifying for this difficult certification demonstrates our service management expertise and technical specialization to deliver excellent service to our customers.”

Expert MSPs must also complete a progress audit every year, so as Azure evolves, you can trust that 10th Magnitude is evolving with it.

The Azure Expert MSP Program is designed to give customers total confidence when selecting a partner to help with the transformation and development of their online presence and use of the cloud.

At 10th Magnitude, we are proud to receive recognition from Microsoft for doing what we have done best since the very beginning: helping our clients confidently and successfully meet their digital transformation goals.

Contact 10th Magnitude today to ensure you have a secure and well-managed cloud.

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