RedHat Meets Azure, A Special Episode

In this special episode of 10th Magnitude’s “Manhattans Project,” our CEO Alex Brown joins me to share his insights on some breaking news: Microsoft has just announced that it will support Red Hat’s Linux distribution in Azure. I talked to Alex about the exciting implications of this announcement for our customers and for Microsoft. Here are some highlights from our chat!

Manhattans_ProjectRedHatMichael: Tell me about what this announcement means for our customers.

Alex: We worked recently with a large enterprise customer in the Chicago area who asked us to come in and assess their readiness to move from a fully on-prem world into a hybrid Azure and on-prem world. We conducted our standard Cloud Readiness Assessment engagement to [evaluate] the workloads we could move to Azure for them. 31% of the workloads we assessed for this customer were Red Hat. And guess what? That means we ran into a big roadblock! That was 31% of their workloads we couldn’t move into Azure.

I was very happy to make a call today to the CIO of this account and say “Good news! The 31% we were blocked on can now move!” They’re now trying to move ahead as quickly as possible because it’s opened up such a huge portion of their installed base we can now move into Azure.

Michael: Outside this specific client, what sort of doors does this open for Azure?

Alex: It opens up a huge portion of the market. If you think about where Azure was before today, it was already an extremely open and heterogeneous platform. About 25% of the VMs running in Azure were open source. That 25% was made up of CentOS, SUSE and Ubuntu. Now add Red Hat to that mix, which, of the four, probably has the biggest share of the large corporate customer base. If Azure was doing 25% open source VMs with just those three distributions and now we’ve added the largest distribution, we’re now going to see a huge portion of Azure VMs running open source. Microsoft has done something really interesting here. Of the major cloud platforms, Microsoft has created the most open platform and the platform that is running the most diverse set of operating systems.


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