An Intro to DC/OS on Azure, Epicenter

In this Epicenter video, Ryan Lee, Cloud Consultant at 10th Magnitude, and contributor to the DC/OS project at Mesosphere, demos how to install DC/OS on Azure, how to get frameworks like Spark and Kafka up and running with a single command in the UI or CLI, and how easy it is to run containers at large scale.

DC/OS on AzureMesosphere DC/OS, or Datacenter Operating System, is the most complete, 100% open source solution for managing a datacenter and running modern, containerized apps in production, and Ryan has championed it at 10th Magnitude for good reason! He also outlines how the DC/OS community is empowering the new class of “datacenter developers” to program directly against datacenter resources.

If you have any questions for Ryan about DC/OS or containerization, you can reach out to him at or on twitter at @RyanL_ee.

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