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In this episode of the Manhattans Project, special guest host Charles Schwenger is joined by Jon Thomsen (CEO) and Ben Gallo (VP of Sales/General Manager) of Atmosera at Microsoft’s 2016 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), which kicked off in beautiful downtown Toronto this past summer.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of their conversation:

atmosera at wpcCharles Schwenger: “Let’s talk a little about what Atmosera does.

Jon Thomsen: “Atmosera is a global, hybrid managed services platform focused 100 percent on Microsoft technology. We own data centers, we have the colocation piece, we’ve been doing private cloud since 2010, and over the last two-and-a-half years have been doing Microsoft Azure. So, we’ve been combining all three and optimizing our clients’ investment in cloud and in that hybrid strategy.”

Charles: “You’ve done a number of different panels this week and have been hearing a lot of different conversations around cloud, SIs (Systems Integrators) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers). Is there a main theme that you’re hearing or feeling as a culture of your company?

Jon: “Certainly digital transformation is a huge theme here at WPC. For us, it’s good to see all of the different partners out there, hear the stories of what’s going on and understand that what we’re doing is according to the direction of Microsoft’s vision. It’s good to see that hybrid is a reality. We have hybrid deployments out there, it’s good to hear that other people are doing the same thing and it’s validating to our direction, as well as where Atmosera is going.”

Charles: “You mention hybrid—and not only the technical pieces of having hybrid platforms—I’ve been noticing as Microsoft has changed their selling tactics over the years, they’re almost creating a hybrid network of partners. So, different types of partners—SIs like 10th Magnitude, MSPs like Atmosera—how do you see that relationship growing over time? That is, how Microsoft can help firms like us really get to market and work with each other?”

Ben Gallo: “A lot of time when SIs or service providers like us engage with the customer, the customer is just trying to get to the cloud, so a lot of the focus is on that initial project and that initial point of concept and the build. What they don’t understand a lot of times is that there are a lot of new skills involved in the operate. It’s not just, ‘Get the application to the cloud,’ but also, ‘What do you do once you have it there, how do you do your patch management, how do you do your change management, how do you make sure you have security and availability in a way that you’re used to?’ The great thing about WPC is that Microsoft has done a great job in marrying those relationships together. We’ve met hundreds of partners here where we’ve got great complementary skills—where we’ve got partners who specialize in the build and the design side around the different Microsoft applications, working with us together with the Microsoft team to really develop and provide a holistic solution to the customers.”

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