Chef and Carrier Pigeons, The Manhattans Project

In this episode of 10th Magnitude’s “Manhattans Project,” I’m joined by Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Ryan Lee, as we talk about Chef. What is Chef, and how is it used with Azure?
Let’s find out! Here are some highlights from our chat:

Michael: What exactly is the purpose of utilizing Chef here at 10th Magnitude?

Ryan: So, Chef and Azure do completely different things. Chef will do configuration management, and it also has a lot of hooks to spin up new servers. The driver is what allows us to connect to any given cloud service. We basically write a script or definition of how we want something to look, (like “these programs and applications in this exact precise manner”) and then we want to configure the network a certain way. Before we even touch anything, we define how we want the environment to look, basically press a button and then Chef spins it up for us in a reproducible and testable manner.

Michael: What are the other utilities for Chef, aside from configuration?

Ryan: It will ensure that whatever production you spin up with it remains in that state. So if someone logs in by mistake and changes a configuration file that causes everything to completely blow up, the next time Chef runs it will go through and compare the configuration it EXPECTS everything to be in and what the state IS in. Chef will make whatever changes are necessary to bring it into a known state. It’s kind of a self-healing system. It will correct…weirdness.

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