Demystifying Cloud Security:
A 10th Magnitude Round Table

In this special episode of The Manhattans Project, I sat down with Cloud Infrastructure Consultant Shannon Kuehn along with Cloud Solution Architects Mark Hanson and Ryan McDonald. We had cloud security on the brain and I couldn’t think of three better 10th Magnitude experts to shed light on such an important topic.

When we talk to clients about security in the cloud, they typically come back with the following questions:

  • Is Microsoft Azure secure?
  • How do I securely implement infrastructure within Azure?
  • What impact will this have on my existing security and compliance programs?

This round (er, rectangular) table addresses those key questions plus takes a deep dive into mission critical components like identity management, monitoring and data privacy. We also go into some fantastic Microsoft tools to help you manage virtual networks and comply with security standards. And then stay tuned for our security-themed game, “Let’s Bust a Myth.”

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