Welcome to the Manhattans Project

Welcome to 10th Magnitude’s “Manhattans Project,” a bi-weekly show that brings you casual discussions on cloud, culture, Microsoft technologies and whatever else might come up in conversation while a guest and I chat over a couple of Manhattans.

Manhattans_ProjectThis week, there will be two episodes featuring our Business Development Manager, Charles Schwenger, who graciously offered to re-shoot our chat after some technical issues during our first attempt. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

Michael: “At the risk of opening a can of worms, as we are an Azure-focused firm, let’s talk about messaging in cloud services. Does messaging change between organizations selling other cloud services? Like AWS, Google Cloud, for instance.”

Charles: “I look at Azure as three different tiers. One would be hyper-scale VMs in the cloud, either as a Paas/IaaS, which absolutely competes with AWS.

Where I see Azure really differentiating itself is in its hybrid capabilities in having to connect to other third parties, or building domains across different applications. Really playing into the hybrid space. That’s where I see it shining.

The final point on Azure as a differentiator is in its platform capabilities. Not just infrastructure as a service, but what services can plug and play with others. Almost in a marketplace type approach to how you’re doing computing.”

The second part of this episode will be up later this week, so make sure to check that out for some great tweet responses from Charles as we dig into industry opinions about cloud education!

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Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy. Cheers!